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Jan 29 MovingOn commented on Updated: Sound Transit Must Give Answers For Not Stopping At SeaTac During Muslim Ban Protest.
Given that the Port Authority also closed the AirTrain at JFK to stop the protests there, and had to be overruled by Cuomo, I suspect what's needed is an investigation into the role of the Ports nationally and who ordered this.
Dec 12, 2015 MovingOn commented on As an Austrian, I Am Baffled by America's Love for The Sound of Music.
The horror. Next you'll be telling me that modern London has no nannies who float in on the wind, dancing chimney sweeps, or professional sidewalk chalkers with paintings you can jump right into. I refuse to believe it.
Oct 26, 2015 MovingOn commented on Here's Why Equal Rights Washington Says It Endorsed Pamela Banks Over Kshama Sawant.
Meh. We're a week out and a lot of ballots are already in. What will ERW be bringing to bear in support of their endorsement?

Are they going to hit their mailing list? Do they have canvassers? Money that can released?

All they're doing here is pointing out that their organization is still adrift after R74.
Jul 31, 2015 MovingOn commented on The Hidden Reason Behind Seattle's Skyrocketing Housing Costs.
Sure, why not? The housing crisis is caused by overregulation and somehow specifically this one parking regulation is the biggest offender.

It has nothing to do with a huge influx of highly paid workers, 40 years of stagnation in middle class incomes, real estate speculation, or generational change in the desirability of cities.

Seriously, was this paper bought by developers, or does the ghost of Milton Friedman haunt your offices or something?

Urban redevelopment benefits poor people of color!!! Deregulation will solve all our social problems!! Jeb!
Jun 19, 2015 MovingOn commented on Ed Murray Shits His Facebook Pants Over Presidential Mention.
Is Chill Girl syndrome now mandatory for Mayors? Or are we supposed to seriously believe that most career politicians (or people!) are indifferent to being mentioned in Presidential speeches?

Enjoy your moment, Mayor Murray!
Apr 20, 2015 MovingOn commented on Is Martin O'Malley Ruining Everything for Hillary?.
@3's comment is more informative than the entire article.
Mar 13, 2015 MovingOn commented on The Little Magic That Remains on Our Changing Capitol Hill.
What on earth? This article and its counterpart in the Times would seem to suggest that the wholesale redevelopment of our neighborhood is sad, because it's driving up prices, displacing vulnerable and valued community members, eliminating space for artists and other magic-makers, and turning the whole thing into a sterile playground for the nouveau riche.

But I know that can't be right, because I've been reading right here in The Stranger how urban redevelopment is basically charity work that developers do to help poor people and keep housing prices low.

I bet if we just deregulate the housing market further, and let developers do whatever they want, all this will resolve itself in no time!
Mar 7, 2015 MovingOn commented on How Jean Godden and Tim Burgess Misled the City Council to Win a Vote Against Homeless Encampments.
@19, I hear you, and I was right there with you on the original encampments measure. There was/is clearly a need for encampments unless and until this City gets its shit together on housing and shelter. I do not see the point of contininuing to spend political capital on encampment zoning. Its a solution in search of a problem (I haven't heard anyone say we're out of space where encampments are allowed), and a symbolic issue in a time of crisis. Yes, it's an unnecessary slap in the face of people experiencing homelessness, but not as much so as refusing to get serious about the scale of the problem versus the scalr of solutions. The Stranger is doing some great local reporting these days, and I hate to see that political pressure wasted on encampment zoning. This is about the 5th article I've read about it.
Mar 7, 2015 MovingOn commented on How Jean Godden and Tim Burgess Misled the City Council to Win a Vote Against Homeless Encampments.
That's called politics. I am shocked, shocked I tell you to discover politics happening right there in our political system.

Which is to say, criticize her vote on the merits all you want. But the process special pleading is boring.

And on the merits, all I can really say is: We have more than 3500 people on the street and this is the hill people want to die on??? Encampment zoning? Talk about a small ball, band aid approach. Sure, it's fine, I'm not opposed to encampments in residential areas, but come on. The most offensive part is fighting about this instead of figuring out what would really make a difference in getting these folks housed. How much would it cost, where could the money come from, and how fast can we start? Anything else is a distraction.