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1:21 PM originalcinner commented on Five Dead in Shooting at Skagit County Mall, Police Still Searching for Shooter.
@10: yep. Women targeted, rather than someone out to do max damage. It said Atwood to me, too.
Sep 21 originalcinner commented on Don King Wants White Women to Vote For Donald Trump.
The kid I sat next to at school, in 4th grade, was a bully. His name was Don/Donald, too. I'm seeing a pattern.
Sep 16 originalcinner commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Man With Knife Wants To Buy Cigarettes.
@7 I thought the cat sweaters personalized ads was a joke.

This was one of my favorite comics of all time. I love how the animated knife waving slows down. I love "dranks". I love "embiggener". This was just almighty. Callan, you get better and better.
Sep 15 originalcinner commented on One Trump Child Lies, Another Jokes About Gas Chambers, and Did You Hear About the Demon That's "Latched Onto" Clinton?.
I do live in a different reality from those people. Their reality is that they live in a basket.
Sep 13 originalcinner commented on Hey, Look at this Letter to the Editor We Got.
I'm glad the letter was translated into print, because I was really struggling to read the word that is apparently "artists". I was torn between "ants", "tits" and "sluts".
Sep 13 originalcinner commented on Keith Olbermann On Donald Trump: A Demonic Messiah in Oompa Loompa's Clothing..
Olbermann is totally to my taste. I miss him a lot. He's a million times better than Chris "Tweety" Matthews.
Sep 12 originalcinner commented on EOD: Hillary Has One Body Double? Please. Donald Has an Army.
@1: I saw a great comment on Jezebel today. Something like, "I could play "got your nose" with these people and totally win every time".
Sep 12 originalcinner commented on ICYMI: Anti-Obama Stickers Removed From SPD North Precinct.
@1: have you ever said anything that wasn't snarky or snotty, here or anywhere at all?
Sep 12 originalcinner commented on The Morning News: Seattle Remembers 9/11 and Slain Woodcarver, Hillary Clinton Scrutinized for Taking Sick Days.
If all the "OMG Hillary Clinton has an ailment, she's going to die" people would look the same way at unvaccinated kids, the world would be a better (and healthier) place.
Sep 9 originalcinner commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Your Pussy Had a Plan.
Well, that one was easy. I don't see any "yes, but ..." here.