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4:51 PM yesterday originalcinner commented on Never Forget: Dave Reichert Voted for Trumpcare.
@1: there was a vote in committee. Reichert did vote for this POS bill.
Mar 22 originalcinner commented on What Seattle Voters Can Learn From the Racism of Washington's Pro-Trump Rural Voters.
@10: Trump went on a lot about Clinton having "no stamina", which most of us believed was a dog whistle for "no penis". The Muslim ban and the border wall were what said "vote for the white guy".
Mar 22 originalcinner commented on HUMP! 2017 Call For Submissions!.
I thought for a brief moment it said "no poop, no animals, no mirrors". About a dozen ideas involving mirrors flashed through my mind, made hotter by being taboo. And then I realized it didn't say mirrors after all. Woot :)
Mar 21 originalcinner commented on Trump Doesn't Give Two Shits About His Supporters (And Neither Should You).
My dream is that we take back the house in 2018, then impeach Trump and Pence. Hello, President Pelosi.
Mar 15 originalcinner commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Too Drunk To Swing.
Pot doesn't work on me, either. It just makes me maudlin, and I cry. That's not what I need when I'm looking to get bumpy grindy.
Mar 10 originalcinner commented on Why Samuel L. Jackson Is Wrong to Criticize the Casting of Black British Actors in Black American Roles.
I hate it when Canadians play Americans. Canadian William Shatner played American Captain Kirk and it was just awful. I also hated Roddy McDowell as an ape. Couldn't they have found a real talking ape? Sheesh.
Mar 10 originalcinner commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Man Walks Into a Capitol Hill Gay Bar.
I'm going to guess that the straight dude did not know his gay friend was gay or that they were going to a gay bar. Some guys are stupid like that.
Mar 7 originalcinner commented on Tomorrow Is International Women's Day. Here's What's Happening and Why It's Controversial.
I'm retired so I can't go on strike at work. My significant other is away on business so I can't refuse to make his dinner. So I'm going to wear red (and a pussyhat, dammit) and patronize as many local female-owned businesses as I can find. If I see anything that crawled out of a swamp on my travels, I will "accidentally" knee it in the nuts.
Mar 7 originalcinner commented on This Amazing Sign Just Appeared on the Fence Surrounding the Capitol Hill Light Rail Station.
When I was at college, I helped a friend with an installation for her finals. I was a bridal fridge, and another friend was a bridegroom washing machine. There was also a shower curtain made of Cheerios. All that was art, too. I am totally on the side of "that sign is art".
Mar 2 originalcinner commented on Jeff Sessions Lied Under Oath.
@1: and let's not forget Melania's latest tone deaf proclamation, that kids don't need health insurance or doctors, kids need nature. Sick kids get better just by going outside and smelling the roses. https://thinkprogress.org/melania-trump-…