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  • Tushy or Tuchus
  • Folklife or A kick in the face while drowning in fish guts
  • God is: an invisible pink unicorn

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1:45 PM yesterday originalcinner commented on Returning Column!.
Hulk sounds like Hulk written by girl this week.

And my local Trader Joe's has a massive car park.
Dec 26 originalcinner commented on Things to do on an Airplane Besides Have a Nervous Breakdown.
Emergency row seats have more legroom. Quit whining that the seats don't recline.
Dec 23 originalcinner commented on This Is an Anti-Gay Organization's YouTube Christmas Card.
Maybe I'm not the target audience (but who is? Gays? Ex gays? Homophobes?) but I totally don't get the point of that animation.
Dec 22 originalcinner commented on North Korea Is Now Totally Offline.
There's "actually doing it" and there's "knowing a guy who knows some people who might be able to do this". I wouldn't say Obama did it, but he knows who did.
Dec 19 originalcinner commented on Vote for the 2014 Drunk of the Year!.
Panda! Panda! Panda!
Dec 18 originalcinner commented on The Morning News: Minister Sues Over Alleged Punch from Seattle Police Officer.
I don't know how widespread that accent thing is (prevelar raising). I've only ever heard one person in WA say "bayg" for bag.
Dec 18 originalcinner commented on The Music the CIA Used to Torture Alleged Terrorists.
I can't make out most of the words sung by the Bee Gees, and have a hard time with foreign song lyrics. I don't think the words to songs bother ESL or non-English speaking foreigners. It's purely the "music" and the repetition.
Dec 16 originalcinner commented on Self-Checkout Machines and American Ideology: Be the Boss of You!.
Now I know that I won't be in line behind raindrop, wasting everyone's time chitchatting about banalities with the cashier, because I will be doing the self-serve thing. That has made my morning brighter.
Dec 10 originalcinner commented on That Guy Who Took a Year Off the Internet Has Some Advice for You.
My mom is 82 and has never owned a computer. She doesn't have a Facebook page, has never tweeted, emailed or googled. But she knows what all those things are, she knows who Kim Kardashian is, and what an avatar is. My elderly mother knows as many rude words as urbandictionary. I am in awe of her.
Dec 10 originalcinner commented on SL Letter of the Day: Short and Long.
Telling the friend that you slept with someone he also slept with, sounds like bragging to me. One-upmanship. Some kind of caveman testosterone thing. The gift basket is just rubbing salt in it. And yes, the whole ownership of women thing is repulsive.

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