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2:41 PM yesterday originalcinner commented on CDC: Marriage Rates Up in 2014, Divorce Rates Down.
Don't mention The Things. Now someone'll have to come in and cover them up with lace doilies.
12:56 PM yesterday originalcinner commented on Apparently Ted Cruz Is the One We Need to Be Worrying About Now.
There were some great comments on Gawker recently about Cruz.

"Is he a rat-faced weasel, or a weasel-faced rat?"

11:41 AM yesterday originalcinner commented on Wait, Turkey and Gravy Potato Chips?.
The three people (so far) who voted for green bean casserole chips: you are joking, right?
11:36 AM yesterday originalcinner commented on Apparently Ted Cruz Is the One We Need to Be Worrying About Now.
@2: No one likes Cruz. No senators like him, and at least half the voting public not only don't like him, but want to punch him in the face more than any other politician currently alive (and that includes Dick Cheney).

Cruz might beat Trump to the nomination, but he has the charisma of three day old fish. I'm not worried he might actually get elected.
Nov 23 originalcinner commented on There's a Rumor Floating Around the Internet About an Upcoming White Power Rally in Ballard. We're Checking It Out..
Crossed hammers as their symbol? Have these morons never seen "The Wall"? I guess not. Too busy playing video games in Mom's basement.
Nov 19 originalcinner commented on People Magazine's Big Exclusive.
I thought the Greta Garbo/panda gag was funny. Not as funny as "can't find ass in a donkey storm", because that was an all time classic. But I still liked the panda thing.
Nov 18 originalcinner commented on Where's the Proof that Jeb Bush Is a Christian?.
It doesn't make a jot of difference what religion JEB! does or doesn't have. He's never going to be President. My cat has more chance of getting elected than that dumbass loser.
Nov 17 originalcinner commented on Man Shoots and Kills Woman During "Freaky Sex" Gone Wrong.
@10: plus, Florida. It's like they took all the nation's stupid, distilled it, and then put it in Florida's tap water.
Nov 17 originalcinner commented on Republican Candidates Are Taking a Brave Stand Against Terrorism, Facts.
I disagree that "just about every single sentence that comes out of his mouth is incorrect". Every speech Trump makes, he says, "I don't know". He's said it dozens of times. It's a verbal trick to make listeners believe him when he says something terrible, but he not *really* saying it, he's just suggesting a possibility. But what it comes down to is that he don't know nothin'. He's a steaming great ignoramus.
Nov 16 originalcinner commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: An Easy Call for a Former Call Girl.
Standing ovation. Well said, Dan.