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May 16 originalcinner commented on The Case Against Impeaching Trump.
As the cute little girl says in the commercial for soft vs crunchy tacos, "Why not both?" Pence is complicit. Take 'em both down. But I'd rather wait till Jan 2019, a Dem House, and then we can have Prez Pelosi.
May 9 originalcinner commented on Signal Boost: Friend Sought.
Of course climate cheese is real. There's some in my fridge at this very moment.

Or it might be Brie.

No, I checked, definitely climate cheese.
May 8 originalcinner commented on The Morning News: Marine Le Pen (France's Trump) Loses Big, Amanda Knox Refuses to Return Trump's Love and Support.
There is no such thing as Brexit = Trumpism. Brexit wasn't only favored by racists, it was a lot more complicated than that. Some people just didn't like Europe bossing them about over petty stuff like the shape of bananas. It wasn't all about banning Muslims.
May 5 originalcinner commented on The Morning News: Maybe Trump Will Get Impeached but He Might Get Fired First, a Man Was Shot in Belltown Early This Morning.
I don't see why there isn't more investigation of the emoluments clause as an impeachable offense. Oh, wait, Republicans do the investigating. And they think there's nothing there.
May 3 originalcinner commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Her Boyfriend Isn't a Sex Addict. He's a Loser..
I don't know how people have the time for all this sexytimes stuff. It's as much as I can do to work, grocery shop and walk the dog. I suppose I could eat more take-out to save time.
May 3 originalcinner commented on Trump Justice.
'Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.' - Margaret Atwood.
Apr 24 originalcinner commented on Can Someone Remind Bernie Sanders That Abortion is an Economic Issue?.
Sanders isn't even a Democrat. Why are people treating him like he's relevant? He lost in the primary. He is an ex-relevance.
Apr 18 originalcinner commented on ITMFA Donates $100,000 to ACLU, Planned Parenthood and IRAP.
Wore mine (T-shirt) at the tax march on Saturday. Not one person asked me what ITMFA stood for. I don't know if it was super obvious to the sort of people who go on tax marches, or if people just mind their own business.
Apr 12 originalcinner commented on Doctor's Report Shows Mayor Ed Murray Does Not Have a Mole on His Genitalia, As Accuser Claimed.
@43: is that what happens if this goes to court? Is the jury expected to take the doctor's word for it, or are they expected to carefully examine photos (or even the actual mayor)?