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LOLOL you know what?

This article made my day. I'm not going to pick it apart and scrutinize why I think Megan is wrong (I don't). Because this article 100% encompasses my teenage years. These bands provided the soundtrack for every awkward, romantic, heartwrenching, angsty and god-damn-fucking-happy moment I experienced from the age of 15 up until, well, NOW. I will never forget listening to my Dude Ranch cassette over and over again, wanting to be some guy's Josie and being jealous of my aunt in San Diego who ate at Sombrero all the time. Less Than Jake's records got me through the most painful breakup of my life at 19 (and I still consider them a favorite band). I wanted to cut my hair short after hearing the original version of "Move to Bremerton" by MxPx ("I'm a sucker for a short-haired girl with a pretty smile). My HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK QUOTE was a line from "Dammit" by Blink 182. I think people are looking to this article way too deeply and misinterpreting it. I read it and smiled. I'm still a ridiculous pop-punk teenager at heart, and I'm 28 now. No shame.