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Aug 24, 2012 supersoygrrrl commented on Pop Punk Puberty.
I loved this article. It made me realize things I never thought about growing up -how songs I listened to growing up totally shaped how I thought boys wanted me to be like and what I thought they thought was attractive. To people saying if you want to know what's attractive to boys, you shouldn't have been listening to men, you should have been listening to Lunachicks why would that have made sense? To a straight teenage girl who wants to understand boys, you go to what BOYS are saying. You don't listen to what your girl friends are talking about. And to everyone coming in and saying what a terrible article this is and attempting to mansplain over the author, for most of you as men YOU don't know what it's like growing up as a woman in the punk scene. We get messages directly from men in the scene about how we're supposed to be one way and when we're not, we get crap for it. So we listen to these songs so we can learn the rules better before we make mistakes. I find it funny how so many of you are saying punks about thinking for yourselves, there's no set ways to be punk! But why are you listening to THESE bands, everyone knows THESE bands are better! No rules to being punk but then there you go, briefly listing your own rules, huh?

To the girls commenting about how this article totally misses the mark and you never thought you had to give everyone bjs because it was in a song no, maybe you didn't pick up on THAT message specifically. But you picked up on the messages that you're not supposed to complain, you're not supposed to get annoyed with your man, and hes allowed to do whatever he wants while women are held to a different standard didn't you? You're doing that right here with how men are allowed to say whatever they want but women are not allowed to comment on it.

No ones saying everyone has to like this article or that it's a set in stone rule for everyone. But there's no reason to insist NO IT'S TOTALLY NOT LIKE THIS FOR ANYONE YOU ARE WRONG. Maybe examine the points first, ask your other female friends who grew up in the punk scene their opinions, and think for yourself before having a knee jerk reaction. After all, isn't punk supposed to be about thinking for yourself?