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Nov 11, 2012 Occupy Seattle commented on Why McKenna Conceded, and Other Gleanings from Yesterday's Ballot Dump [Update: Drew Concedes SOS Race].
We need to keep close watch on the Tea Party orgs Freedom Foundation and Washington Policy Center that backed Republican Kim Wyman's election (along with Kemper Freeman). These orgs have been touting the benefits of voter suppression in various forms - from changing ballot due dates to using voter suppression databases. These Karl Rove ALEC-funded thugs are up to no good, and Kim Wyman has thrown her lot in with these extreme conservatives. Only Stranger has been covering this, and something tells me we'll be seeing a whole lot of covert voter suppression activities in the coming year. Too bad Kathleen Drew isn't the Secretary of State. Sigh.
Nov 9, 2012 Occupy Seattle commented on Rob McKenna Concedes.
Why the fuck is McKenna's concession speech five minutes long? Seriously? Keep it short and sweet, man. You ain't the Guvnuh, dude. Maybe if he knew how to deliver a short and sweet message on Youtube, he wouldn't be delivering a concession speech. Oh, and his campaign manager Randy Peeps is one SERIOUS creepy douche bag.
Nov 9, 2012 Occupy Seattle commented on Time to Get Real, Jay Inslee.
Jay, you are my man. Just make sure you don't forget your environmental roots. I don't want my water, land, and air clean, thank you. Not so interested in eating chemical infested food or drowning in a hurricane flood.
Nov 9, 2012 Occupy Seattle commented on HOLY POT-SMOKIN’ SHIT!.
About damn time. Time to get high and happy. How does one go about becoming a legal drug dealer?
Nov 7, 2012 Occupy Seattle commented on Little Drama in Today's Ballot Drop, as King County Heads Toward Record Turnout.
Argggghhhh! The Secretary of State NOT going our way YET. Kathleen Drew losing by 1% - a little less than 25 thousand votes. But a whole lot of King County votes still need to be counted, so when all is said and done, Kathleen might end up beating her Tea Party Republican opponent by the length of Goldy's dress. I'm just fucking pissed at the Dems that didn't vote all the way down the ballot. P.S. Still recovering the party...
Nov 6, 2012 Occupy Seattle commented on Streamlined King County Elections on Pace to Nearly Double Election Night Returns.
Rock on King County Elections! Kinda makes Tea Party vote suppression org Washington Policy Center and Republican Secretary of State Sam Reed look like partisan idiots for complaining about ballots being postmarked by 8:00 pm election night, doesn't it?
Nov 5, 2012 Occupy Seattle commented on No, Washington's Postmarked-By Ballot Deadline Has Nothing to Do with How Slowly We Count Our Ballots.
So our second favorite ALEC funded Tea Party group Washington Policy Center speaks out (our FAVORITE being Freedom Foundation, the home of voter suppression, Koch Brothers style). So does Jason Mercier have anything to say about King County Republicans going around snatching up our ballots in black vans? And what is his position on voter suppression? For it? Against it? For it only as long as Republicans don't get caught with their hands in the cookie jar?
Nov 5, 2012 Occupy Seattle commented on What To Do If Your Ballot Is AWOL.
Your ballot may very well go AWOL if you hand it over to a King County Republican black van. Take King County Elections' advice: don't trust shady strangers with your ballot. But don't hold your breath that our so-fucking honorable Republican Secretary of State Sam Reed shares our concerns about election integrity. He's too busy pulling out contributions to Heritage Center to fund negative campaigning by Republican Party and Kim Wyman to actually oversee our elections.
Nov 4, 2012 Occupy Seattle commented on King County Warns that GOP Is Trying to Collect Ballots.
And the response from Republican Secretary of State Sam Reed and Tea Party candidate Kim Wyman's response to this reckless ballot tampering by King County Republican is? Drum roll please.... NOTHING. NADA. UTTER, COMPLETE SILENCE. You'd think that a Secretary of State would take the warning notice of King County Elections home page seriously and issue a warning to voters (given that, you know, we're like a third of the voters in the state). But what do you know? It turns out that when it's the GOP doing voter fraud (which is almost always the case), then mum's the word. Shame on you, Republicans. Oh yeah, and stop filling in our ballots illegally!