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Mar 1, 2014 SeattleCharlette commented on Currently Hanging: Bruce Lee and the Super Seventies.
Very appropriate location...if people only knew Bruce Lee used to practice there on Jackson under the I-5 overpass in the parking lots.
Nice art.
Jan 26, 2013 SeattleCharlette commented on Seattle Gun Buyback Exceeds Expectations, Blows Through $118,000 in Under Three Hours.
"gun show loophole"? Obviously this wasn't a gun show so i don't see how they can use that loop hole. Its amazing that unidentified persons are allowed to buy/sell and handle firearms and rifles on public sidewalks right in sight of the SPD buy back event when just a few short years ago an SPD officer gunned down John Williams for walking with an exposed small whittling knife.

I saw many sidewalk buyers today carrying fully exposed rifles so why weren't they cited?
Sep 2, 2012 SeattleCharlette reviewed Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore.
Bigfoot casts and spooky displays. Really great history of Northwest legends.
Aug 28, 2012 SeattleCharlette joined My Stranger Face
Aug 28, 2012 SeattleCharlette joined My Stranger Face
Aug 28, 2012 SeattleCharlette commented on A Seattle Museum Wants You to Protest the Puyallup Fair.
Charlette LeFevre here, I am Japanese American and Pres. Of the Seattle Bruce Lee (Chinese American) Fan Club and Founder of Pride Asia. Of course Camp Harmony was for the Japanese but that should not lessen the point the disregard for human rights and cultural offensiveness to Asians everywhere.

Just encouraging other Asian organizations to speak up and make an official statement on their own. Silence can be just as oppressive.