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Sep 9, 2012 Sean Dorman commented on Retired DEA Heads Tell Obama to Stop Pot-Legalization Initiatives.
Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes responds: "Initiative 502 provides a one-year rule-making process, open to the public, that will allow federal officials to observe and provide input on the writing of regulations.
That is a lie nothing can be done on this bill for two years except by Legislative action or a new bill. They will say anything to gut the medical cannabis community, and get this bill passed. I think it is convenient that the state legislature just passed a bill allowing police to be able to take you down for a blood test just because he has probable cause. they are already paving the way to make the 2 billion in 5 years all from DUI revenue, read it here…
Aug 29, 2012 Sean Dorman joined My Stranger Face
Aug 29, 2012 Sean Dorman commented on Did the Medical-Marijuana Industry Go Too Far Campaigning Against Pot Legalization Initiative 502 at Hempfest this Weekend?.
Well Dominic once again you spout the prohibitionist line. Legalize it under a guise of freedom with so many more controls, hey sheep only understand what you tell them. This in no way solves the problem if 502 passes, in fact it will take an act of congress to change any of the bad for 2 years. It makes an already bad situation worse, of course it will be better in your eyes as we shift from being prohibitionist to revenue generating mode. Still they are oppressing a plant that is by itself perfect. So pass or fail we will not be any closer or further from legalization, just the steps we take to get there will be different.