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Jack Allen
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Aug 29, 2012 Jack Allen joined My Stranger Face
Aug 29, 2012 Jack Allen joined My Stranger Face
Aug 29, 2012 Jack Allen commented on KMCQ: What Happened?.
If it wasn't number one don't play it. Yeah I noticed the sudden change and the repetition right away. I'm not mad or furious as some folks here but I am disappointed. I was in the business for 35 years and you know what? That's the way it goes. Formats are a never ending circle and they play like musical chairs. This week oldies, next week top forty, next week news/talk. Who are we today? Money spins the wheel like listeners spin the dial. As stated KCMQ was great for an expanded music list and much less repetition by playing many songs that may not have been number one but are just as familiar and comfortable to many listeners as the number one's. Before the change how often did you think "Cool, I haven't heard that in years, great tune" Well, it will likely be years before you will hear it again. Common sense vacated radio years ago and it plays a big part in why changes are so short lived today. Yup, sad. But not as sad as the awful jingle package.

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