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Aug 31, 2012 AKSocialist joined My Stranger Face
Aug 31, 2012 AKSocialist joined My Stranger Face
Aug 31, 2012 AKSocialist commented on Judge Slaps Down Secretary of State's Attempt to Muzzle Socialist Candidate.
It is heartening to see a socialist contesting the election... as an alternative politics in the USA... I wish she wins the elections and ushers in a new era in the world of politics all over the world... all this low productivity of labor is kind of crap that the capitalists and the supporters of capitalism have been spreading... all these examples of Russia, China and Cuba are those of communists... even though they understand the nuances the capitalists and the imperialists put them in the same bracket... we are already witnessing the slowdown of developed economies and their impact all over the world... they want to socialise the loss but want to privatise the profit... only a socialist can provide an alternative to this chaos all over the world... imperialist forces all over the world will conspire to defeat this candidate... but my hope is she wins and let the idea of socilaism prevail... the effort and the fight from her is commendable... a long way to go !!!

with the torch in her hands she must resolve to bring light to each household in her county and eventually the whole country ... I know ... I know the US does not have the shortage of power... though I am not her voter... I wish her all the success in this election.