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Jul 20, 2014 cpkcpkcpk commented on In Addition to Those 14,000 Layoffs, Microsoft Is Tightening the Screws on Its Vendors.
@24 -- You're referring to Vizcaino v. Microsoft. The case was settled, leading to a consent decree that may have since expired. The consent decree was mainly over the terms of stock purchase, not tenure issues generally. The avoidance strategy of a further lawsuit varies from year to year--the current move seems to be more about controlling operating costs short term than any common-law employee issues.
Jul 10, 2013 cpkcpkcpk commented on Savage Love.
Wiseman actually gets a lot of grief in BDSM circles for his excessively histrionic stance concerning breath play. My perspective is that his arguments don't stand up to much scrutiny. The real fear is that if you end up accidentally strangling your lover you'll not only end up with a dead lover and going to prison forever. That's a pretty high risk to take to get off.

On the other hand, done correctly, breath play is not any more inherently dangerous than any other sex act. People die of heart attacks during sex all the time, in far greater numbers than those having erotic asphyxia mishaps. On the other hand, people engage in nonerotic breathplay all the time--it's called judo, maybe you should look into it. Do people die from this? Well, I'm sure it happens, but there's no Jay Wiseman in the judo community screaming about what a bad idea it is.

So what to do? Certainly, if you're going to play around with that shit, learn proper technique. So, maybe take a judo class?
Dec 5, 2012 cpkcpkcpk commented on Savage Love.
@Unwisdom @110

>>> Rather, it seems to me that your goal is not the acceptance of a polyamorous orientation, but the recognition that no one is innately monogamous, and therefore that monogamous relationship models are intrinsically flawed. <<<

Not exactly. There might well be people who /are/ innately and successfully monogamous. They may not be as susceptible to things like the "Coolidge Effect", or they may not consider sexual fulfillment the most important thing in their lives, or whatever.

What I am against is monogamy as a political and social norm, not as an option. In a political/social system where it was up to the participants to determine how many partners were in the relationship, people could still be operationally monogamous. But their relationship model wouldn't be coercively established as a norm in society.
Dec 5, 2012 cpkcpkcpk commented on Savage Love.
@quinkygirl @103

"I love sex, but incidentally, poly isn't just about sex to me."

I like the way you put this. The tendency for poly people to say "it's not about sex" drives me batshit. Were it not for sex, no one would care about how many people you had a "relationship" with, so long as you were only sharing physical intimacy to your "official" partner.

But, it's certainly not just about sex. This is why I advance the idea that poly is an orientation, just not a /sexual/ one.
Dec 5, 2012 cpkcpkcpk commented on Savage Love.
@Unwisdom @99

Monogamy is a specific relationship structure with mandated limits. There are two. Two is the number of the counting, and one is the number of the fucking. To three shalt thou not count, to say nothing of five.

Here's where it gets difficult. There are types of polyamory which are just "super-sized" monogamy. In other words, it has all the features of monogamy except that it has a larger number of people in the relationship.

This form of polyamory (often called "polyfidelity") is much more like monogamy than it is like the form of polyamory where the number of partners is left an open question (and even 2 could be valid in the "open" form of polyamory, if the limits of the relationship were negotiable).

I'm opposed to monogamy because I think it's fundamentally incompatible with human sexual happiness, especially in a culture absent the oppressive enforcement of a norm towards monogamy. I think polyfidelity generally has everything wrong with it that monogamy has, and even more opportunities for failure, because there are more opportunities for conflict.

I think once you make this distinction, the "spectrum" argument you advance isn't really viable.
Dec 5, 2012 cpkcpkcpk commented on Savage Love.
I view polyamory more as a practical alternative to monogamy. That is, monogamy never seems to work out well for me, and I think the problem is more with the concept of monogamy than with me.

So that makes it a political and social orientation, not a sexual one. But it's still an orientation.
Sep 4, 2012 cpkcpkcpk commented on Was Ist Dubstep.
Skream is on record as hugely admiring Skrillex and has produced a number of Skrillex-like tracks (eg, "Anticipate").

Sep 4, 2012 cpkcpkcpk joined My Stranger Face
Sep 4, 2012 cpkcpkcpk joined My Stranger Face
Sep 4, 2012 cpkcpkcpk commented on Was Ist Dubstep.
Skream is on record as hugely admiring Skrillex and has produced a number of Skrillex-like tracks (eg, "Anticipate").


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