Feb 6, 2014 velour commented on Grand Jury Refuser Released in New York.
@7 I notice you had nothing to say about #6
Feb 6, 2014 velour commented on She's a Marvel.
all religions are equally stupid
Dec 18, 2013 velour commented on Breaking News: Tea Party Doesn't Understand Satire.
system shock 2 was better
Dec 17, 2013 velour commented on The LaBeoufening Continues.
"my favorite literary feud of the year."

You're a piece of shit Paul.
Dec 10, 2013 velour commented on On the Man Who Set Out to Kill Sex Offenders in Clallam County.
@5 will you please stop injecting "muh feminism" into everything.

This has literally nothing to do with gender.
Dec 2, 2013 velour commented on Olympic Diver Comes Out.
yeah yeah yeah, you're bi neat

now tell us how you plan to beat the Chinese
Dec 2, 2013 velour commented on Where Hipsters Still Matter.
are you really so stupid that you don't understand the distinction between palestinians and arab-israelis?
Nov 25, 2013 velour commented on Four Adults Charged in Connection to Stubenville Rape Case.
@2 stop saying stupid shit
Nov 18, 2013 velour commented on Rob Ford, Stripped.
@6 I would say that could never happen but the Toronto Maple Leafs manage to sell out every game despite not winning a championship since 1967, and only making the playoffs once in the last decade.