Jul 19 Micah commented on Dan Savage on Jill Stein: Just No..
A vote for a 3rd party is half of a vote for Trump. Remember 2000, hold your nose, and pull the lever for hillz. Fuck the republicans.
Jul 19 Micah commented on Dan Savage on Jill Stein: Just No..
I'm jerking off in my mom's basement.
Jul 14 Micah commented on Five Concrete Things You Can Do to Make Black Lives Matter.
The police in the US (esp. in the South, but throughout the country) have been historically (up to the present) responsible for enforcing the racial order in this country. This is one reason police killings of black men are so emotionally freighted. Conservative christian right-wing republican straight white american males are afraid of 'inner-city blacks' and see police actions in light of the perceived protection their tribe accrues (and tend to valorize cops no matter how backwards they are). From the other side of the racial divide aggressive policing looks like enforcement of racist systems. Personally I think the BLM perspective is basically correct. It does seem unfair, however, that we (white America, including liberals) have left the cops in this situation. We need to take responsibility for allowing a racist justice system to develop and persist while patting ourselves on the back for 'democracy'.
May 5 Micah commented on Lawyer Who Allegedly Told City Council Members to "End Themselves" Already Facing Possible Bar Suspension.
@6, @12: Have you considered that the female councilmembers are representing the legitimate views of their constituents? This arena deal does not seem as bad as some (including the deals for the existing arenas in SODO), but voting against having the city bend over and spread 'em for pro sports could be construed as protecting the city's interests (i.e. "the greater good"). It certainly does not help the arena's cause that every time the topic comes up tons of backwards dudes start slinging misogyny, homophobia, and general nastiness at the political opposition. If that is the kind of dude pro sports is going to bring into Seattle, please build your stupid sportsball stadium on the eastside.
Apr 28 Micah commented on What Went Down at the Protest Outside Uncle Ike's on 4/20.
@3: not sure the CD community is buying into reefer madness as much as being pissed off that when weed was illegal, they were going to jail but when it's legal, white 'outsiders' are running the profitable stores.

Personally, it's really hard for me to get upset about a weed store next to a church. I say build another one.
Mar 1 Micah commented on Bernie Sanders Has a Stronger Lead Over Trump Than Hillary Clinton in a New National Poll.
Bern may not have Hill's baggage, but he also didn't run the State dept. I feel the Bern as much as the next guy, but reality is we're going to run Hillary. I don't like her policies, either domestic or foreign, as much as Bernie's, but I trust her to fight the republicans like hell.
Sep 15, 2015 Micah commented on The Wall Street Journal Says Bernie's Plans Will Cost $18 Trillion—Don't Buy It.
I may be talking out of my ass here since I didn't read the WSJ piece (who the fuck would?), but all the rebuttals I've read (including this one) seem to ignore (or elide) the difference between government and private spending. I'm all for single payer (who the fuck isn't?) and taxation to support it. But the conservatives are going to define the cost of such a program as the cost to the government, not the net cost to society (where we take the cost to the government and subtract from that number all the $$ the health care industry is sucking out of us absent a sane system). And the cost to the government is a sensible thing to talk about to conservatives: they care a lot about their taxes and very little about whether poor people have good health care or not.
Aug 19, 2015 Micah commented on Hillary Does Not Compute Black Lives Matter's Requests.
BTW, I think Hillary did very well. She should have owned up a bit more to the destruction that tough-on-crime is causing, but BLM needs to understand that tough-on-crime is a response to real political pressure. Us white folks don't understand what it is like to live on the other side of the racial divide, but we will not tolerate a lot of crime. Bill didn't sign three strikes b/c he and Hillary didn't have change in their hearts, he signed it as part of a compromise with elected officials representing white people who are afraid that black people are going to take their stuff, date their daughters, and swim in their pools. If you want to dismantle the ghetto-to-prison pipeline, get in the fucking political process. And for christ sake vote for mainstream dems.
Aug 19, 2015 Micah commented on Hillary Does Not Compute Black Lives Matter's Requests.
@3,5 A BLM activist is somebody with a '#' on their T-shirt. That's what horizontal organization means.