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May 10, 2013 Lonesome Cowboy Burt commented on Pea Season!.
Yay, garden chat!

A goddamn varmint ate the pea seeds from my February sowing, so I resowed in March. I suppose that means I have pea-ness envy. New seedlings are about 8" tall now, so "peason" isn't far away.

In the "leftover from last winter department", we've got a bit of lettuce, which is getting more bitter each day (not unlike myself). I suppose I should yank it. Also not unlike myself. There's also a couple dozen leeks and some chard, both of which are threatening to go to seed. And some overwintering broccoli flowers, arugula seed pods, and mustard seed pods, all delicious in stir fry or salads.

Fresh this spring we've got rhubarb, lettuce, spinach, pac choi, beet greens, and chard. The spuds (4 kinds) and broccoli are about 16 inches tall, and I just planted my Kubocha squash seedlings last week. The cold frame is stuffed with tomato, pepper, eggplant, Hubbard squash, and pumpkin starts. Those will go into tunnel cloches this weekend, except for the peppers and egplants, which will wait until June.

And Holy Shit it's almost time to plant seeds for the winter garden!
Apr 30, 2013 Lonesome Cowboy Burt commented on Owner of Village Green Nursery Regrets Friday's Michelle Shocked Performance.
The comment from 37 about original ticket holders buying tickets directly from Michelle and refunds only being available directly from the artist in the event that the ARTIST cancelled the show is intriguing. It appears that if Ms. Shocked performed a "show" of some kind then she was under no legal obligation to refund any advance ticket sales. I wonder if she gave refunds to any of the ticket holders at the other cancelled shows where she just showed up and strummed her guitar on the sidewalk outside of the cancelled gig?

32- Ah, I see. I was thinking you meant "encourage" as in "persuade" rather than "promote". This wasn't Vera's idea. But thanks for clarifying.

Since Vera didn't know the PIOUS FOLKSINGER was going to show up uninvited, your comment about "...expecting a pat on the back for their stunning act of bravery..." seems a bit of a reach. She doesn't seem wired that way to me.

But yes, Vera did allow Ms Shocked to use her venue, and for that she has apologized.

How about if I meet you halfway at "facilitate" and then we both accept Vera's apology and move on. It's going to be far too nice of a day in my garden, and yours as well I presume, to squander it sorting this out any further.

Hahahahahahahaha right back at ya'.

On the upside, this entire debacle has inspired me to add "PIOUS FOLKSINGER" to my quiver of expletives.

Apr 29, 2013 Lonesome Cowboy Burt commented on Owner of Village Green Nursery Regrets Friday's Michelle Shocked Performance.
25, Looks like it's your "demands" vs. Vera's apology. Good luck.

20, Check your facts as well as your citations. Vera didn't "encourage" anyone to do anything. Sounds like she made an ill-advised, last minute decision to allow (not encourage) an acquaintance to attempt to clarify a bat-shit nutty statement. Which she (Vera) now regrets. See previous remark about religious folksingers.

13, We may need Dan to make a ruling here, but this appears to be at minimum a bi-sexual soap opera. Delightful!

10 & 21, Yeah, Ms. Shocked is apparently having a meltdown. Or maybe she's just an asshole. Or both. Either way, not pretty, and a little sad if she wasn't being so damn hateful about it. After reading/viewing her various attempts at explaining her SF fiasco, it doesn't appear that even SHE knows what the hell she means anymore...her attempts at clarification read like a Palin-esque word salad. Hope she gets some help. Until then, goodbye, Michelle. (Although I haven't listened to her in a couple of decades anyway, because, well, PIOUS FOLKSINGER!)

Apr 29, 2013 Lonesome Cowboy Burt commented on Owner of Village Green Nursery Regrets Friday's Michelle Shocked Performance.
1) I know Vera. They don't make humans any better than Vera. She is a positive force in our community. To paraphrase Mr. Minchin, "She's not perfect, but she's ours." I accept her explanation for why she did what she did.

2) To the hater/boycotters who have clearly never met Vera: Since (some of) you haven't the patience to hear both sides of a story, you cannot possibly be gardeners, so threatening to boycott a business that you never intended to purchase anything from in the first place is just SO adorable! Make sure to tell all of your non-gardening friends not to shop there as well!
3) Moral of story: Seeking an explanation about ANYTHING from a pentecostal folksinger is probably a recipe for disappointment. Religious+obtuse=incomprehensible.
Mar 29, 2013 Lonesome Cowboy Burt commented on Seattle-King County Announce Amnesty Program for Undocumented Animals.
I think the "dignity" ship pretty much sailed when you named him "Whompus".

He's a handsome devil tho'...
Dec 27, 2012 Lonesome Cowboy Burt commented on Slog Poll: Who'd You Rather Drink With?.
Holy shit, they get their own planet? Where do I sign up?

Cienna's dad, by default.
Dec 3, 2012 Lonesome Cowboy Burt commented on South Lake Union's Dead Living Wall.
When were the vines planted? It can take them a few years to get going depending on site, soil, and maintenance.

Reminds me of an old joke from design school: "Doctors have it easy, they can bury their mistakes. All an architect can do is plant vines and wait."
Nov 2, 2012 Lonesome Cowboy Burt commented on Mug Shot.
oops, that was supposed to be in response to #6; sorry, still trying to master the whole numbers thing.
Nov 2, 2012 Lonesome Cowboy Burt commented on Mug Shot.
@7: Probably safest to assume that everything (and everyone, God bless 'em) at the Stranger is "dirty on the inside" until proven otherwise. By Stranger standards, that mug appeared to be in mint condition!