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I concur with @6; I had recurrent issues regardless of contraceptive method, and the only thing that worked was boric acid suppositories. Fast forward a couple of decades, and my daughter was going through something similar: medication would very temporarily stop symptoms, and then they'd come right back. Turns out boric acid suppositories works for her as well, something I wished I'd known before shelling out $300 on appointments and tests.
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I'm a middle-aged woman who hooked up with my husband in that lovely period after birth control pills became available but before AIDS showed up, so condoms have not been a major part of my love life. My sex education was solely from Penthouse letters, but even I know you don't mix petroleum-based products and latex, and have watched latex gloves slowly disintegrate when used with petroleum-based oils.

Not during sex, though. ;)

On very rare occasions, we play with others, and I use much the same process as the LW did: if they are ignorant of what I consider to be basic information about safer sex techniques, I write them off immediately. I may attempt to provide avenues for them to educate themselves, but anyone who hasn't taken the time to learn basic information on how to keep themselves safe is a risk for me. Since my sex life with my husband is pretty damn incredible and anything else is decorations on the icing on the cake, it's just not worth it to me.

By the way, we have found at least one lube which stained sheets. It's a mystery to me why a company making such a product wouldn't figure out it's not exactly a selling point and test for it.
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@1: I second that notion: none of my male lovers (or female lovers, for that matter) were submissive, but all except one enjoyed giving oral -- and I dumped his sorry ass for that reason (and a lot of others, come to think of it). She should discard the idea that giving oral is submissive, even if it led to her discovery that she enjoys having a dominant role during sex.
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I made it clear to my daughter from maybe about 14 on that if she ever wanted something from a toy store, we would arrange a way for her to get it -- one that didn't involve me. I figured one of her cousins (both female, both about a decade older) would be a good choice, but when the time came (her 17th birthday), I discussed the options, told her that amazon has good reviews, and let her borrow my credit card. She went to Babeland's website (or so she said) for most of her research and her purchase.

I have no idea what she bought; when the box showed up, she skittered off to her bedroom with it and hasn't mentioned it since, nor do I expect her to.

As a teenager, I thought fingers (and the ubiquitous shower head) were fine for external stimulation, but fingers IMHO just didn't cut it for penetration. I still feel the same way as a middle-aged mom. Besides, what I was really curious about back then was what sex (by which of course I meant PIV sex) would feel like, and for that a dildo is the obvious choice. I would have loved the opportunity to discreetly acquire one of my own.

An aside: one of my proudest parental moments was when, after a marathon podcast-listening session, she told me that Dan said some of the same things that her dad and I had told her. I got _something_ right. :D
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