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Jan 14, 2013 petthecat commented on Savage Love.
I've been in a triple for the past 15 years. Add me to the list of people who have never heard the term "throuple" (which gets a mere 5000 hits on google, ore evidence that it's not the usual term).
Sep 14, 2012 petthecat joined My Stranger Face
Sep 14, 2012 petthecat commented on Savage Love.
Dan, I don't buy your logic of "there are plenty of people at Burning Man who would have sex with her even though they knew she was in a committed relationship, therefore hiding the relationship has nothing to do with sex at Burning Man. Yes, there are plenty of cheaters at Burning Man. But there are also plenty of honest sex-positive people, who would happily have sex with her if they didn't know she was in a committed relationship, but wouldn't if they knew she was cheating. If she just wanted to have sex with someone, anyone at all, at Burning Man, she could be public about her relationship. But it seems possible, even likely, to me, that she wants to have sex with particular people, friends of hers on the forum, and she is hiding her relationship with them because she doesn't want them to know about it.

It's perfectly reasonable for HBM not to be comfortable with every private detail of his personal life being aired in a public forum. I don't buy the idea that hiding his existence from her friends is a natural reaction to his wanting to have some privacy about some things.