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I.C. Deadpeople
West Seattle
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Nov 24 I.C. Deadpeople commented on A Report from the Trial of Two Former Seattle Firefighters Accused of a Hate Crime.
The irony of course is that the real "desecration" is what these firefighters have done to the names of other fire fighters.
Nov 4 I.C. Deadpeople commented on The Bowler Hat Is the New Fedora.
A bowler hat is the Fedora is the Tuxedo shirt.
Oct 28 I.C. Deadpeople commented on Glenn Beck Traded His Relevance for Wealth.
Liberals (like myself), in general, don't seem to glom onto these radio / talk personalities as much as conservatives, which is one of the reasons stations like "Air America" didn't do so well compared to say Limbaugh or Beck. Maybe we spend too much time learning science and stuff.
Oct 8 I.C. Deadpeople commented on Central District Pot Shop Owner Responds to Church Protest.
If it's because of the smell then I am going to protest Top Pot donuts, there's a smell AND the donuts are actually bad for you.
Sep 16 I.C. Deadpeople commented on Yanni Speaks Again.
Sep 2 I.C. Deadpeople commented on Last Night on Twitter.
Are you fucking kidding me with this SLOG post?
Aug 12 I.C. Deadpeople commented on Bernie Sanders Should Challenge Hillary Clinton for the Dem Nom.
I don't know why we would ever vote for a democrat that voted for Bush's war.

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