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Aug 27 teamcanada'sforgottenpassword commented on An Email Exchange With One of the Few Women on Ashley Madison.
@2 - thanks for the answer - like I said I'm just curious about the process.
@7 - Obviously there are plenty of real AM users out there and I'm sure at least some of them want to talk about their experiences. But any time an extremely click-baity story such as this takes the media by storm and journalists everywhere are rushing to post you are going to start getting a bigger chance of "sources" not being who they claim to be. After seeing so many stories blow up in the last few years because journalists didn't do some basic legwork, I get suspicious more quickly. If anything I'm more likely to think that if an actual AM user wants to talk, it'd be to someone like Dan Savage because this sort of stuff is in his wheelhouse.
Aug 27 teamcanada'sforgottenpassword commented on An Email Exchange With One of the Few Women on Ashley Madison.
So, one thing I have been very curious about over the last few days is what, if any, verification has been done by the authors of all these media interviews to see that the AM users they are talking to are real. Like, have reporters been asking for proof of ID or email and then checking against the database? I understand that Savage and other advice providers are always facing the danger of being catfished and must to a large extent rely on their own bullshit-o-meters, but I'm a lot less willing to cut the BBC and other actual news providers the same kind of slack. Right now I'm tending to put a lot of what I'm seeing in the news from AM users in the "cool story, bro" files. (not saying that is the case with this woman, to be clear)
Aug 27 teamcanada'sforgottenpassword commented on The Morning News: Seattle Children's Warns of Potential Infection Risk, Taxpayers Paid for Mayor's Security in Israel.
It would be great if the Stranger would follow the lead of AlJazeera and stop referring to those people as "migrants". They are not economic migrants, they are REFUGEES from some of the worst, most war-torn places on the planet. They didn't just wake up one day and think "oh hai, I could have a better standard of living in Europe", they are fleeing for their very lives.
Aug 20 teamcanada'sforgottenpassword commented on Greece Is Being Forced to Do What the Germans Have Rejected: Privatize Water.
Ok, I am very very much in favour of keeping water and other utilities public (the semi-privatization of BC Ferries has done nobody here any favours) but there IS something to the idea that putting a cost to valuable resources like water can change people's behaviour in a positive way in regard to conservation. I live in Vancouver, which has no water metering AT ALL. If you own a property here there is a chunk of your municipal taxes that goes to the water utility, and that's it. We are currently under Stage 3 watering restrictions which means if I water my lawn or wash my car with water from a tap I could get a big fine. But there is nothing to stop me from going into my house and turning the tap on all day and letting it run which I swear to god some people must be doing since Vancouverites use by far the most water out of anyone in Canada. I think in an ideal world, there would be a charge for the public water utility, but people under a certain income level could get a rebate. Fresh water is a renewable resource on the coast, but as we've all learned lately it's a variable one. If it doesn't snow again this year we are FUCKED. Public campaigns to get people to change their water use here have had very little effect, much to the frustration of the people who run the water utility.
Aug 19 teamcanada'sforgottenpassword commented on An Open Letter to People Thinking About Checking to See if Their Husbands or Wives Were On Ashley Madison.
@34 - Imma blow your mind with this, but openly monogamish gay men are literally the last people on Earth who would need to PAY a site like Ashley Madison to find a hookup.
Jul 27 teamcanada'sforgottenpassword commented on Seattle Police Officer Cynthia Whitlatch Should Be Fired, Says Misconduct Investigator.
He wasn't just walking along with an ersatz cane - he was carrying something! In the video you can clearly see he had a white plastic bag in his other hand. It wasn't small, it looked like food. No. Fucking. Way. a person who needed a cane to negotiate city streets was going to be carrying something in one hand and wildly waving around his cane in the other. Her story makes no sense.
@23 - I get the difference between what we feel is right and what the law/contracts specify (married to a lawyer), but surely the OPA knows the parameters here. They would not have recommended firing her unless it was legally possible, no?
Jun 28 teamcanada'sforgottenpassword commented on Accept the Apology, Already.
Oy, people. Never lead an apology with "to anyone I have offended". This subtly implies that there could, maybe! be nobody who was really offended. Own it and say "to EVERYONE I have offended". It reads a lot better.
May 30 teamcanada'sforgottenpassword commented on Guest Editorial: On the Third Anniversary of the Café Racer Shooting, a Call for "Extreme Risk Protection Orders".
@2 - the authors address that when they acknowledge that not every shooting can be stopped. Wouldn't a substantial reduction be a good thing, though? This would be a measure with a very high barrier to use, and it would be temporary. If a person's health improved, then they could have their guns back. Have you ever had a person in your life really, truly go off the rails? It is a terrifying thing to witness up close.
May 29 teamcanada'sforgottenpassword commented on Vanessa Place Is in a Fight Over Gone with the Wind's Racism, But It’s Not the Fight She Says She Wants: An Interview.
Oh FFS. Her bringing Walker into this is just about on par with clueless white kids who get mad because "Black people use the n-word! So why can't I?!".
May 29 teamcanada'sforgottenpassword commented on Aloha Is Another Movie About a Sad White Guy.
I *really* object to the idea that Jerry McGuire is a good movie.

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