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Sep 24, 2012 progrockmike joined My Stranger Face
Sep 24, 2012 progrockmike commented on Don't Donate to the Salvation Army.
I was looking to dig up dirt on the Salvation Army, and instead I kind of agree here. I understand some people are gay and can't help it, but keep it in the closet instead of trying to convince everyone it's normal. It's not!! The thought of a man putting another man's penis in his mouth is outright sickening!! It's also a sin and nothing to be proud of. and to want to adopt kids and confuse the heck out of them by having 2 moms or 2 dads is outrageous. Gays are so greedy to "prove something" that they have no regard for the minds of the kids they want to adopt is completely selfish!! Besides marriage was created as a holy union, and homosexuality is a sin, so how in the hell can gays think it's ok to be married. I'm a recovering alcoholic and even if I was still drinking I'd never fight for "alcoholics rights", because it, too is an abomination.
if one is gay fine, but if gays are gonna have disgusting sex, at least not be proud of it, it's like a cleptomaniac(who can't help stealing like a gay can't help being gay) being proud of it. See how the comparison makes sense. I have a gay relative who is involved with the Salvation army and that person keeps it in the closet and prays for forgiveness, not advertises it. I'm so tired of people doing wrong trying to make it seem right. Oh, a tip, if you're gay and need the Sal. Army's help,it's simple, DON"T TELL THEM YOUR GAY, morons!!