Nov 23, 2012 MattL commented on There's No Correlation Between Wealth and Competence.
Apply this reasoning to the charter school debate. I would argue that the donors had a certain kind of competance: they had great timing, they were successful in a certain endevor (software, etc), they were on the whole diligent. But that definately doesn't mean they have cometance in improving education fact what they learned in making their millions would tend to make the WORSE at improving schools than your average joe.
Oct 23, 2012 MattL commented on Why We Should Reject Initiative 1240.
If the charter decision was a normal government policy call this idea would have died long ago. It lives on, zombie-like, simply because it tickles the egos and/or lines the pockets of a few choice individuals.
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Sep 24, 2012 MattL joined My Stranger Face
Sep 24, 2012 MattL commented on Seahawks Win! (Thanks, Greedy Union-Busting NFL Owners and Your Embarrassing Replacement Refs!).
I wasn't able to see it (listened on the radio) but the comentators were also implying that an earlier call (before the Packer touchdown) went the Packer's way (giving GB a 1st down). Had that been called correctly and GB been forced to kick a FG the Seahawks wouldn't have needed a TD on the final play, just a FG (and they were within range). So the theft went both ways.