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Feb 27, 2013 melanies reviewed Zaccagni's.
Delicious sandwiches and Darlene is such a sweetheart. Everything is made fresh, AND clearly with love. Worth a trip to the market....
Feb 21, 2013 melanies commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Real Or Fake?.
@2 EXACTLY. But if Buffalo bill was played by Mike Myers. In a blond Courtney love wig, circa "The People VS Larry Flint".
Jan 21, 2013 melanies commented on More Seattle Schools Join Boycott of MAP Test.
It's been a little confusing for Salmon Bay parents. first, a letter was emailed in support of the MAP testing, and that we could "opt out" if we like, then a few days later an email from my son's third grade teacher informing us that he was opting out of giving his students this test, and that we could "opt in" if we like. I support Salmon Bay teachers in their stance on MAP testing, and I trust their judgement in knowing that one single test cannot determine the capabilities and knowledge of our students. Standardized, cookie cutter education, expectations and subsequent labeling of student's capabilities based on a test is a poor system that must be challenged.
Jan 18, 2013 melanies commented on The Grilled Cheese Challenge.
The Cheese Wizard brothers offer a good product, with the most amazing bedside manners. Really nice guys. Really good sandwiches. kick ass soup for those lactards out there feeling all left out by the cheesy goodness. AND a most amazingly nerdy humorous website. Love you cheese wizards!
Oct 4, 2012 melanies joined My Stranger Face
Oct 4, 2012 melanies joined My Stranger Face