Yeah, it's a copy of that.


  • What song do you want played at your funeral?: The sarabande from Bach's cello suite 2 in D minor
  • Presse or Pichet
  • What keeps you up at night?: The "Bro's" down the goddamned alley
  • God is: Louise Erdrich, I've met Her
  • Barsuk or Fantagraphics

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Ada-L is thinking about Sergio Leone's adoration of the masculine face.
Aug 15 Ada-L commented on More Evidence That Mars Hill Church Has Been Exiled from the Evangelical Community.
@2 Indeed! That phrase works on so many levels!
Jul 11 Ada-L commented on A Year Without Eyman.
I would imagine that Mark Driscoll may be looking for work soon and he has the credentials and proven track record with regard to swaying the minds of intellectually challenged people. Perhaps he can plagiarize some of Tim's work.
Jul 11 Ada-L commented on A Year Without Eyman.
I would imagine that Mark Driscoll may be looking for work soon and he has the Credentials with regard to swaying the mind of dipshits and assholes...
Jul 7 Ada-L commented on If the Universe Is a Mystery Novel, We're All the Victim.
"You can't really blame publishers for encouraging genre authors to develop their book ideas into trilogies and multipart series."

After listening to several panels of genre writers, it sounds like publishers require the authors to develop their book ideas into series by the alluring terms of their contracts (which in turn gives the writers a modicum of job security). But you're right, it does tend to reduce risk, which is why Allen and Unwin gave a huge boost to the whole nasty process by breaking up one particular book back in the early fifties.
Jun 29 Ada-L commented on Former Mars Hill Member Writes About Pastor Mark Driscoll's "Demon Trials".
Catching up a bit late on this, but since Predestination is such an central part of of the MH system, I am guessing the Demons have already won a few, so the point of the trials, or making a choice to "become" a member is...? Frankly, I would like Pastor Marky Mark and The Calvinist Bunch to try the demon who obviously stopped Bertha from working along with the one who dreamed up the project in the first place. Also, Mark please do something about the demon who left the pint of Molly's Moon's out on the counter.
Apr 10 Ada-L commented on Good-Bye to Piecora's.
I am glad I didn't grow up in a place where pizza snobbery was so pervasive that it would preclude an enjoyment of Piecora's. And it was there before hipsters, I remember, and I will miss it. I'm glad I was able to take my niece there last year for cheese pizza, root beer, coloring, and Exile on Main Street. Great article David, Bethany and Kelly.
Mar 6 Ada-L commented on Here's How You Buy a Bestseller.
Buying your own books that you plagiarized! Ha haha ha. I would love to think this is some grand Kaufmannesque joke, but I guess it's on the people who pony up at Mars Hill. I am still laughing though.
Feb 27 Ada-L commented on Guide to AWP for People Who Don't Know What an AWP Is.
I saw every one of these archetypes last night. Well done, Peter!
Jan 7 Ada-L commented on Those Thrift-Store Paintings We Liked? Made in China.
Some of the similarities then between the Chinese ateliers and the old Flemish ones are interesting I think. Perhaps like Nixon, Jen should go to China and check it out. I think the Man Receiving Discomforting News is artwork because there is Narrative going on in that picture that the other decorative pieces lack. That may be in the source photograph as well, but someone decided to have it painted. I am then further intrigued by not only what my own suppositions are regarding what he is reading. Is it a draft notice? Has someone died? He appears to be just off center, which may be in the original photo's composition, but the artist did not "correct" that. Why, besides being a better choice? My deconstruction of those and other questions can be continued with musing on the original owner felt about it, how her reactions changed through the years. And if I am still thinking about this picture hours after I submit this comment and find myself putting my right hand on my forehead (having recently been given some disappointing news by my employer, I can imagine doing that) I will think about this picture and so yes, I said yes, it is Art.
Jan 5 Ada-L is thinking about Sergio Leone's adoration of the masculine face.

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