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Apr 26 TheMisanthrope commented on Bumbershoot 2017 Lineup Features Solange, Lorde, the Roots, Margaret Cho, and Chicano Batman.
@3 Bumbershoot ticket prices have risen with Housing prices. In 2012, it was $40/day ($120/weekend) at this point in time (when they announced their lineup). Now it's $235.
Apr 24 TheMisanthrope commented on Can Someone Remind Bernie Sanders That Abortion is an Economic Issue?.
@19 Even Hillary disagrees with you. Your rights are negotiable.

Re: a constitutional amendment banning late term abortions: "I could compromise on abortion if it in…
Apr 24 TheMisanthrope commented on Accuser’s Subpoena Describes Alleged "Cover Up" at Mayor’s Home Last Summer.
@7 This incident is about as related to DH as Monica Lewinsky was to Paula Jones.
Apr 19 TheMisanthrope commented on The Heart of Whiteness: Ijeoma Oluo Interviews Rachel Dolezal, the White Woman Who Identifies as Black.
Those paintings look like a cross between Catherine O'Hara (Beetlejuice) and Nicole Sullivan (MadTV).
Apr 18 TheMisanthrope commented on Theatre Puget Sound Staff Calls for Board to Resign.
6.5 hours later, those cryptic lines still remain...
Apr 18 TheMisanthrope commented on Theatre Puget Sound Staff Calls for Board to Resign.
"Regan cites Washington state's "at-will" poilic

TPS board member Shawn Belyea says

Last night, lavy tried to oreboard coup"

I think Rich died while updating this post a couple of hours ago. Send help.
Apr 17 TheMisanthrope commented on Mike McGinn Gives a First Glimpse at His Mayoral Campaign Platform.
It's fairly rich for Murray to slam anybody on their record regarding Obama's DOJ's attempts at police reform.

I voted for Not The Old White Guy last election, and, if it comes down to these two, I'll do it again.
Apr 17 TheMisanthrope commented on The Morning News: Why Cars Are Allowed in Pike Place Market, Andrew Sullivan to Black and Brown People: You're Poor Because You're Not As Hardworking As Asians.
"SUV In Tukwila Serves of the Road"

Chaz, with how many typos are in the anti-car section, I can't tell if you're drunk or jerking off.
Apr 17 TheMisanthrope commented on Mike McGinn Is Running for Mayor Again.
Apr 16 TheMisanthrope commented on Guest Editorial: The Motivation Doesn’t Matter. It’s Time to Step Down..
Ultimately, I still believe this is a case best left tried in a court of law, not the court of public opinion. [...] But, it may be impossible to wait that long.

This was an even faster "not saying, just saying" since Ed Murray's "I'm not gonna suggest their background means they're lying...but their background means they're lying" editorial.

I'm not saying I believe Ed Murray. But, good god. Why the hell can't we, the public (and Danni is the public...she has exactly as much information on this case as the rest of us readers), let it ride a little longer rather than getting our pitchforks out within a week of the accusations. The immediate "burn the witch" reaction is scary as fuck.