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I'm in Spokane, one of the many liberals surrounded by a sea of redneck

Jan 21, 2013 Shini commented on Pastor Mark Driscoll Might Give You an iPad if You Praise His Book on Amazon.
@2 from my friends explanation, it would constitute as fraud and there is a chance the product might get purged.
May 24, 2012 Shini commented on Is It Time to Retire the Wilhelm Scream?.
@14: It's a Red tail Hawk's cry, so it's the wrong species to! Bald Eagles made a kind of cute sound.

Wilheim is only annoying when they don't do some trickery to disguise the tone. but the sfx I find most annoying

-the Redtail hawk subbing for Bald Eagles
-"Doom Doors"
-The Kissing noise
May 18, 2012 Shini commented on Will Smith Smacks Man Who Kisses Him.
Yeah - have to say that the reporter deserved the shove. Smith looked fine with the first cheek kiss, but was pulled back when he tried to greet someone else, and I suspect that slap/tap was meant to be a 'humorous' admonishment.
Mar 2, 2012 Shini commented on "It's not the language I would have used.".
@7: You do realize some women have to take Oral Contraceptives to balance out their hormones to keep from going sterile, right?
Mar 2, 2012 Shini commented on Are Stoners Throwing Patients Under the Bus?.

No one is forced to take a sobriety test unless the officer who pulls you over has a reasonable cause to believe you are impaired, and even then you can ask for a lawyer to come over.

My folks got pulled over for an alleged improper lane passing and another time when they were looking for a vehicle the same make as ours for some incident, neither time were we ever subjected to a test.

My aunt wasn't subjected to one for speeding either. You're assuming every stop = drug test, which is very time consuming - Cops, corrupt, hick or honest don't like to waste time.
Feb 27, 2012 Shini commented on Jan Berenstain.
@1 their Son is the one responsible for the hyper-christainity in them, which is too bad considering how good the early ones are.

I especially love how they showed how fucking wrong and damaging the STRANGER DANGER meme was
Feb 16, 2012 Shini commented on WhoSigned.Org Goes Live with Names and Addresses of R-71 Signers.
I'm seeing duplicate signatures (same full name and addresses)
Jan 19, 2012 Shini commented on Justice Department Shuts Down Megaupload, Arrests Executives.
One of my friends lost all her data from her old computer, she was reloading them onto her new computer, but had to do it pieces at a time to avoid exceeding her campus' DL limits.
Dec 28, 2011 Shini commented on Sometimes the Internet Goes Too Far.
you guys are forgetting something, his asshole behavior is tanking the company he was hired to represent. A company with a cool product for [i]disabled kids[/i] who had been generally ignored in the industry.
Dec 27, 2011 Shini commented on Penny Arcade-Powered Shitstorm.
Anyone who tries to pull the "Do you know Who I am" card is a moron.