Jun 24 Haley commented on Who Sent the Dumbest Tweet in Reaction to Brexit?.
Oh, and I think it gets overlooked that there were xenophobic motivations on both sides. Ukip gets all the press for being the racist shitbags (and they are), but some people voted Remain because leaving means immigration checkpoints will move to Dover and Folkestone from Calais, and many didn't want thousands of asylum seekers actually coming to the UK.
Jun 24 Haley commented on Who Sent the Dumbest Tweet in Reaction to Brexit?.
@15, I can't speak to the motivations of originalcinner's relatives for voting Leave, but I also have relatives in the UK that voted this way, and not for any concern over immigration. Britain was being outvoted more often than any other EU country when it came to budget and foreign policy; it seemed to many people that the $ was going out (along with all the other restrictions required by EU membership), and British interests were not being taken seriously. For example, being an island nation, Britain is far more affected by EU common fisheries policies than most EU nations, but real and costly concerns are ignored. Lots of $ is being spent in ways the British citizens don't want to fund (the "travelling circus") being a prime example. Ironically, the English were upset about being treated this way by the EU, when it is quite comparable to the way Scotland and Northern Ireland have been treated by England. (And I have Scottish relatives who do want to stay in the EU, but are not unhappy that this vote will give them another shot at doing so as an independent nation, and that we might also see a unified Ireland.)
May 6 Haley commented on SL Letter of the Day: In The Neighborhood.
I don't think the LW ever really considered this relationship being open on both sides. His wife's libido was low, she was considerably overweight, and for a whole year she stayed monogamous while he had a relationship with someone else. He probably felt pretty confident that he wouldn't have to worry about her having another partner, much less dropping the weight and having several. I strongly suspect that his willingness to agree to an open relationship was a belief that, in practice at least, it would only really apply to him.
Apr 29 Haley commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Undercutting Remarks.
So the LW had a side mullet first and was trying to grow it out, and the girlfriend was about to get a side mullet but hadn't yet, and it's the LW who was accused of "copying"? I don't care how dumb the fight was, I'd have had to debate that one.
Apr 17 Haley commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Strap-On Tools.
@38, I agree completely. A lot of straight men are really good at seeing what they're hoping to see and make some bad assumptions. (If we smile and have tits at the same time, we're "flirting".) I think this woman will be more than a little surprised/upset if she gets an email like the one Dan has suggested. Unless she has explicitly come out and said so, I doubt she is seeing a friendly reunion with Mr. I-Haven't-Take-Care-of-Myself as an "opportunity" for "memorable" sex.
Apr 6 Haley commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day:.
Gay men might want to remember that some STD's, to which they can say "probably no symptoms anyway, no big deal!" are ESPECIALLY dangerous for women when asymptomatic. Some can lead to PID, which leads to all sorts of other bad shit. Women are more likely to actually contract the STD's they are exposed to, are more likely to have symptoms, more severe cases, and more dangerous consequences. The penis is far more protected than the vagina - you're basically introducing bacteria and viruses directly into the mucus membranes. If you're sleeping with a woman, the considerations might be different than for a man who only sleeps with men. Her health might actually be of greater importance to him than the optimal recreational bj situation. On a personal note, I contracted HSV1 in high school. Was an occasional yucky, stinging nuisance until a few years later when the autoimmune disease I didn't know I had blossomed to its full strength. Now that my immune system hardly ever functions the way it's supposed to, I get to experience outbreaks of unbelievable severity 6-10 times a year. THANK GOD -no, thank CONDOMS - I never got the genital version. Assuming it would have been no big deal would have been a dice throw I'd have lost.
Apr 6 Haley commented on Savage Love.
I think it's quite a coincidence that LW1 just happened to end up with a German boyfriend, and I agree with some of the other commenters who wonder if she really gives a crap about the effects this sort of scenario might have on him. I think half (or more) of his appeal as a boyfriend is that he's German and fits into this fantasy, and I get the feeling she was expecting his feelings about Jews to be more in line with her own, as well.
Mar 12 Haley commented on Hillary Clinton: "The Reagans, particularly Nancy, helped start 'a national conversation' about HIV and AIDS.".
@103, if you're going to go on about "responsibility" you need to acknowledge the fact that for years it was a hypothetical infectious agent believed to be causing immune deficiency. Even after the virus itself was isolated and named, the methods of transmission were not fully understood. The numbers of IV drug users and hemophiliacs infected made blood a fairly obvious method of transmission, but even saliva was still suspect for a decade! Being able to tell people HOW to be responsible when you don't even know if kissing can spread the disease is exactly why well-funded research is so important. Misconceptions about HIV, who can get it, how it is spread, are still shockingly prevalent today (i.e Jenny McCarthy worrying about her kissing scenes with Charlie Sheen) and contribute both to the continuing spread of the disease and the social stigma placed on those who test positive and the gay community in general. Had an unbiased, empathetic leader been willing to have public, science-based conversations about the issue, it would have made an enormous difference.
Nov 4, 2015 Haley commented on Voters Repeal Anti-Discrimination Law in Houston After Hate Campaign Targeting Trans Women Using Public Toilets.
I've never understood this weird attitude about public restrooms; these idiots act like if a man can just manage to pass through the magical force field that protects the women's rest room, he'll see naked women or half-dressed women or find women who are especially vulnerable to being attacked. You won't see anything in the ladies room you won't see in the grocery store or on the street or in the airport; any women not fully clothed are locked in private stalls. And attacking a woman in the restroom isn't much different than attacking her outside of it, except that one of these places usually smells worse.
May 12, 2015 Haley commented on Savage Love.
Ditto @6. I also have to close my eyes and concentrate very hard, and it has nothing to do with attraction, or how turned on I am, or good the experience is. I simply can't climax unless I'm totally focused on it. I think it must be this way for a lot of women.