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Jul 23 Eric from Boulder commented on Hillary Clinton Announces Running Mate.
Corydon @48: "you can't be a pro-choice catholic." You provided an excellent theological argument in favor of your assertion, but as a matter of empirical fact, your assertion is incorrect. I'm thinking you don't know very many Catholics? This country is awash in pro-choice Catholics, and as for birth control, it's not that easy to find a "private citizen" catholic (I'm not talking about clergy or nuns or professional TV talking-head Catholics) who is anti-birth control. In the last two presidential elections, US Catholics voted democratic. Maybe by your standards those weren't "real" Catholics. But they were real voters!
Jun 22 Eric from Boulder commented on Savage Love.
Years ago I worked with a guy who answered to "Spike." (Hi, Spike!)
He gave us to understand that there was some goofy/embarrassing story
behind it, which he didn't want to get into, but that the handle had stuck. We all said "Fine, Spike." Dcp was not a member of our working group, which was good, for many reasons.
Apr 7 Eric from Boulder commented on I, Anonymous.
"and I hope your kindness comes back to you."
I hope that, too.
Many times in my life I've benefitted from kindness, although I don't actually think those acts of kindness happened _because_ I had been kind to someone in the past. One way or another, I've never regretted being kind to someone. (On a few occasions, I've regretted being cruel.)
Apr 6 Eric from Boulder commented on Calvin Trillin's Nostalgia for a White Planet.
I just got here, but I see that in commenting, I'm just piling on. All the same: Geez, Rich. If you think "fret" is an arcane term, you should probably apply your future textual analyses only to pieces that appear in USA Today, or maybe to the transcripts of Sarah Palin's speeches. Reading Calvin Trillin, you are in pretty far over your head.
Mar 30 Eric from Boulder commented on I'm Sick of People Complaining About All These New Restaurants.
Hi, Charles,
This is a love letter from one straight man to another. Basically, you are why I still after all these years come back to SLOG every day or two, despite its now much reduced circumstances. If there is a Mudede post, I know it will be worth the visit. It’s not that I agree with you that often – I don’t. It’s just that I know I can count on your posts to be incisive and sometimes lyrical and never trite. If I disagree with you, at least you will be worth disagreeing with. In my line of work, the coldest insult you can level against someone’s work is “he’s not even wrong.” You’re never not even wrong.
Feb 26 Eric from Boulder commented on I, Anonymous.
@12: comment win. You too, @11.
Feb 15 Eric from Boulder commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Blumkins Is Where You Draw the Line?.
@6: Gosh, Seatackled, seems to me that way back in days of you're, you were more perceptive.
Feb 15 Eric from Boulder commented on Clarence Thomas After Scalia's Death.
Charles, My after lunch coffee hasn't kicked in and I didn't see where you were going with this, indeed had forgotten that the post had something to do with Clarence Thomas, until you spelled it out. Zing! Made for fun reading.