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Apr 30, 2016 Chas Redmond commented on Ahead of May Day, Seattle Police Blame Protesters for Injury Caused by Blast Ball.
It's gonna be warm but probably a good day to wear leather biker gear.
Dec 7, 2015 Chas Redmond commented on It's Official: Lisa Herbold Will Represent West Seattle on the City Council.
Lisa Herbold will be a fantastic representative - for West Seattle and South Park, and also for the entire rest of Seattle. And, as the Stranger already knows, Lisa is also accountable and accessible. Congratulations to a neighborhood asset and friend.
Aug 4, 2015 Chas Redmond commented on Get Your Goddamn Ballot In and Then Pick Your Primary Night Party from This Comprehensive List.
Chas Redmond is hosting an evening get-together at Beveridge Place Pub beginning at 7:30 pm.
Sep 23, 2014 Chas Redmond commented on I Am Leaving The Stranger, Everybody!.
Thanks for your years of courage in print and in person and thanks for your indomitable spirit. You are an "always read" and I'm the smarter for your efforts. Thanks again and good luck in whatever next you endeavor.
May 17, 2014 Chas Redmond commented on Must Be in the Air Here: The Songs I Listen To When I Miss Seattle.
You'd probably also like Blake Shelton, his album "Red River Blue" contains a great song called "Sunny in Seattle (and snowing in New Orleans). and it's on Spotify.
Mar 31, 2014 Chas Redmond commented on How Would You Convey Gay-Ol' Capitol Hill and the U-District in a Pictogram?.
Does anybody actually use the opera glass icon to get off at University Street?
Mar 25, 2014 Chas Redmond commented on Yes or No on This Virginia Gas Station Item?.
Of all the manufacturers of snack food, Lance (Charlotte, NC) is one of the few who actually try and make a decent snack. Compare all brands and Lance products come out being better than their competition in taste, ingredients, freshness and owned-by-real-US-company-who-isn't-yet-a-global-multinational-food-giant.
Feb 7, 2014 Chas Redmond commented on "What's a whippet?".
also a Canadian cookie - see marshmallow-covered cookies covered in chocolate -…
Oct 23, 2013 Chas Redmond commented on Satan, Scarecrows, and Skin.
Prince of Darkness
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Feb 12, 2013 Chas Redmond commented on I Hate the Airline Industry.
Why do you still fly. There is nothing to recommend flying except the time it takes via any other mode. Is all this worth that time? I suggest it's not. Plan your life to take longer trips and ignore the TSA, the FAA, and every blood-sucking airline on the planet. Oh, and if there are more than one of you in a car, you beat the carbon footprint of a full airplane.