Oct 14 josh commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Cockyboys, Shymoms, Armpits.
This was the weirdest sponsored post I've ever read
Aug 18 josh commented on Thank You for Your Service: 10 Gawker Articles We Loved.
I guess time really does heal all feuds
Aug 18 josh commented on Mr. Robot Recap: The Twist in Episode 7 Is Big But a Bit Trying.
All of that debt was owed to someone. Erasing it also must've made credit impossible.
May 5, 2015 josh commented on Florida Couple Faces Jailtime, Lifetime on Sex-Offender Registry, For Having Sex On a Beach.
beachdancing, fun for the whole family!
Family members who witnessed the act and a Bradenton Beach police officer, as well as Caballero, testified in the case. The defense argued that the two weren't actually having sex, but that Alvarez had been dancing on Caballero or "nudging" him to wake him up.

… and the fifteen year prison time seems to be related to the guy's former felony drug trafficking conviction.
Mar 4, 2015 josh commented on Um, What Happened with Kim Gordon's Interview at the Neptune Last Night?.
I wish there was some way of finding out "who is Kim Gordon?". The linked article says she wrote a book called Girl in a Band. Is this an accurate title? If so, which band?
Mar 4, 2015 josh commented on Um, What Happened with Kim Gordon's Interview at the Neptune Last Night?.
1. Audience Q/A are terrible; 2. Long onstage conversational interviews are really hard to do well under the best of circumstances; 3. Lots of people express themselves through art/music/books because they don't want to talk directly about the subject of those art/music/books.
Feb 16, 2015 josh commented on The Cinerama's Salute to Best Picture Oscar Nominees Continues Tonight with Boyhood.
I'd feel way more outraged about Selma's inevitable (and unjust) loss if the studio behind it seemed to be even halfheartedly trying to run a best picture campaign.
Feb 16, 2015 josh commented on Heads Up: Carousel Is a Super Weird Musical.
The phrase "real nice clambake" is the best takeaway from this bizarro musical. I can't believe it hasn't been reworked for modern sensibilities.
Feb 10, 2015 josh commented on Last Night's Episode of The Bachelor: The Only Thing Worse Than Kelsey's Fake Panic Attack Was That Guy from Big & Rich's Velvet Top Hat.
I can't wait for the limited series spinoff about Kelsey and Ashley being forced to work together to survive being abandoned in the Badlands or kill each other trying
Feb 10, 2015 josh commented on SL Letter of the Day: Be PrEPared.
Huh. Maybe this guy should be concerned about other diseases?