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Apr 5 eclexia commented on Is Steve Bannon's Removal from the National Security Council the Next Sign of a Soft Military Coup in the US?.
There are a lot of fish swimming around this Bannon thing. But a simple explanation is that White House Council Donald McGahn advised the Trump people that Bannon's people on the Security Council would lead to jail time, and they needed to shut things down before they placed themselves at risk.

Josh Marshal has been covering this, and it's a confusing story. But one possibility is that Flynn had his deputy Cohen-Watnick start combing through the intelligence files on Trump-Russia connections, in order to get a lead on what they would be up against in the Senate. Flynn resigned but his deputy continued at the insistence of Bannon and against the wish of McMaster. McGahn heard what was up and told Cohen-Watnick to stop immediately before the investigation got Trump impeached. Cohen-Watnick responded by calling Rep. Sam Nunes to the White House in the middle of the night and dumping the file on him. McGahn then may have told Trump that Cohen-Watnick's games were a ticket to jail, and he needed to get all political operatives off the NSC immediately.

Just one possibility. Nothing confirmed yet. But imagine Trump getting an earful from his own Lawyer-- it's the sort of thing that would make him take action fast.
Mar 16 eclexia commented on More Traditional Republican Hypocrisy.
Another victim of legal gay marriage.
Feb 16 eclexia commented on Bands I Pretended to Like for Boys. Part Eight: Rush.
Hello. Late to the thread. I am a boy Rush fan turned into an old man Rush fan.

Rush covered a lot of different styles-- the primary catalogue was 20 studio albums over 40 years. Some of the later albums tend to be more "girl friendly" that the early ones. Over the last ten years of their career, I would look around the audience and see larger and larger numbers of women. I hope that you will one day find a Rush track you like.
Oct 12, 2016 eclexia commented on An Oral History of the First Year of The Stranger.
Ah, crap. Still no way to edit comments. The link I tried to paste in was badly eaten. You can find the graph I tried to post here on the right-hand column:…
Oct 12, 2016 eclexia commented on An Oral History of the First Year of The Stranger.
Excluding all this useless nostalgia, it might be interesting to look at the economics of Newspapers over the years. Was The Stranger the last decently successful alt-rag printed?

In 1991, early adopters (mostly academics) had email, but most working people still did their daily business in print. Remember printing out memos and leaving them in mailboxes? In '94 and '94, Mosaic and Netscape were released. By about 1998, everything new had moved to the web. In 2000, the bottom fell out of the print advertizing prices (File:Naa_newspaper_ad_revenue.svg">…).

What was the last successful print paper launched, and when was it launched? Would The Stranger have flopped if it launched just 2 years later?
Aug 18, 2016 eclexia commented on There's a Horrifying Statue of Donald Trump in Capitol Hill.
While you have a laugh at this, realize that doing so legitimizes putting up naked status of HRC.

Trump is repulsive because of his ideas. If you say he is repulsive due to his appearance, then you invite judging the merit of any idea by the physical appearance of the speaker.
Aug 2, 2016 eclexia commented on DNC Photo Dispatch: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Chelsea Clinton, and Cheering Hillary Fans on Closing Night.
These remind me of the lighting treatment of 60s tv shows like "Outer Limits" or "Twilight Zone". Cast all kinds of strange shadows on faces to let the audience know that they're sinister.

For example, check out Evil Kirk two minutes into this video:

See, he doesn't need to say anything. Just shine a weird light on his face and he becomes EEEEEVIIIIIL!
May 4, 2016 eclexia commented on Hillary's New Ad Targets Donald.
It was decent except for the "vulgar" part. I like vulgar. I don't like the way Trump talks about women. They are conflating these things. But if you just say "he's vulgar", people are going to giggle and say "good".
Mar 16, 2016 eclexia commented on Now That Light Rail Has Come to Capitol Hill, It's Time to Sell My Car.
I would vouch for old Solaras. I drove one for years, and it was a joy-- like a luxury car at a populist price. I sold mine to a friend-of-friends who needed something cheap. To my surprise, it's continued to work great for her.
Mar 14, 2016 eclexia commented on Light Rail Isn't Just Coming to Capitol Hill.
@4 Everyone called it the El when I was growing up (gen-x). Even the parts that ran underground were sometimes called the El, though purists would correct that usage.