Mar 15 grace commented on Poll Shows Many Seattle Voters Support New Scheduling Protections for Low-Wage Workers at Major Corporations.
i would support this bill and I can say as a former cook, former grocery worker and former small business employee that this is less likely to pass than the 15$ wage was and that it will be fought harder. Low income jobs by design keep the poor-poor not by pay rate but by lifestyle. How many times have you heard someone say they are just working 'there' until they can find a different job to do. It's very difficult to do when you live in the U district or Capitol Hill and work in ballard at a grocery store and you are scheduled to close until 10 even though you get out at 11:30 and then you have to open at 6:00. This is not a pity party just a true insight that when you are in that life the only energy you have is to come home shower sleep and get right back to the bus stop. This being said- thank you for writing this article. I did not know about the San Francisco bill and for me these rules and life changes would be FAR more valuable than a dollar or two more an hour.
Feb 23 grace commented on Washington State Fines Two Marijuana Growers For Using Prohibited Pesticides.
@ilikefood re-read the article. you missed the mention of two recreational brands effected.
Dec 28, 2015 grace commented on SL Letter of the Day: Snatch-22.
Bornwithabeard you got a beautiful mind.
Dec 11, 2015 grace commented on As an Austrian, I Am Baffled by America's Love for The Sound of Music.
Would have been cool to reference the actual Von trapp family and their actual startlingly different story which includes their larger family and emigration to America. Did you accidentally delete the paragraph where you address problem with the fictionalization of biography and history for entertainment
Apr 25, 2015 grace commented on The Latest Parody of Amazon's 2013 Recruiting Video Takes a Direct Shot at Seattle's New Wealth.
@8 lol; only if you mean by people from white center or Renton about seatalites moving there that can't afford Seattle
@10 it was hilarious.
Apr 12, 2015 grace commented on Senate Republicans Cut KEXP's New Home from Budget, Democrat Adds It Back in at Only Half the Money Needed.
I feel you 44. I guess I have just resolved myself to be lucky with these problems but we all have our own perspectives.
Mar 4, 2015 grace commented on Jimmy Kimmel's Awesome Vaccine PSA.
Thanks 31. Truly appreciate it
Mar 3, 2015 grace commented on Jimmy Kimmel's Awesome Vaccine PSA.
Dan; in the chance that you read this I have a question for you and anybody else. My friend from college Is fully convinced that her son has autism from having been vaccinated. Thusly she had not vaccinated her younger toddler daughter. What sort of constructive things can I say to someone I want to treat more tenderly than someone raising a differently abled child about vaccinations? I might tough talk friends who simply fear autism but are raising children who do not suffer from it.
Feb 27, 2015 grace commented on Do You Remember Where You Were When You First Heard the Phrase "What Color Is this Dress?"?.
2live crew; mad rad; and champagne champagne. That was a hellof a night.