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  • What keeps you up at night?: A cockring
  • Zune or Segway
  • What do you like to read when you poop?: Google Reader
  • Frank Gehry or Rem Koolhaas
  • No legs and a million dollars or A million legs and no dollars

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Feb 3, 2013 Jason Petersen commented on The Best Blackout.
@1 The public health tidbit is awesome, but seems too good to be true. Citation? I'm hunting myself to no avail…
Jan 17, 2013 Jason Petersen commented on Is Cook the Next Ballmer?.
Charles, yes, I almost exclusively use Apple products. I have a Roku for my TV because I favor the flexibility it gives me over an all-iTunes solution, though AppleTV is adding more vendors (I doubt it will ever support Amazon, though).

I too switched to Amazon's MP3 store as soon as it opened. When Apple dropped the locks, I would buy iTunes if I got gift cards or something, but generally favor Amazon for their prices. The sound quality for either file is good enough.

I agree the point of electronics is to be simple (which is at odds with them being repairable). I did not consider there would be recently made devices capable of playing music which do not support AAC (it's such an old format by now it seems inconceivable not to just support it).

Clarification to some of the above commenters: Neither AAC nor MP3 are "open". They may be standardized, but implementing a decoder typically requires a licensing agreement, no? Perhaps I've answered my own question regarding companies choosing not to support AAC…
Jan 17, 2013 Jason Petersen commented on Is Cook the Next Ballmer?.
Jesus Christ people.

iTunes has been DRM-free for years. You can thank Apple for knocking down that barrier to distribution. Amazon rode in on their coattails, and the labels let them have DRM-free MP3s in order to foster competition and play the two against one another.

Amazon does not have a higher bit rate. Both iTunes and Amazon now use rate of 256 kbits/second. Amazon's bit rate is variable (VBR) and their format is MP3. iTunes uses AAC, a newer codec. It is conceivable that the better understanding of psychoacoustics developed between MP3 and AAC could give a quality edge to AAC at identical bit rates.

However, iTunes movies, books, and apps ARE protected. I presume your precious Amazon sells you unlocked films and Kindle books?
Jan 15, 2013 Jason Petersen commented on Seven Short Stories about Drones.
Is there some grammatical subtlety I'm missing that makes that apostrophe correct? Because I'm not seeing it.

This guy writes for a living?
Jan 10, 2013 Jason Petersen commented on Amazon Reviewers Are Big Whiny Babies.
Who cares? They may be vitriolic, but they're right. Fuck those publishers. It's 2013. Netflix is about to release an entire season of Arrested Development in a single day. There's no need for this artificial time-delay bullshit anymore.

Books are just fire hazards now. Unless it's something by Robert Jordan (yes, I know he's dead. Whatever), in which case they're also flammable doorstops.
Sep 28, 2012 Jason Petersen commented on A Call to Straight People.
@2 these people probably want to outlaw straight sodomy too.
Aug 28, 2012 Jason Petersen commented on How to Not Get Arrested.
And I'm not being prescriptivist here: Google returns only 22,000 results for "trespassed from". Maybe it's gaining in usage, but it's weird.
Aug 28, 2012 Jason Petersen commented on How to Not Get Arrested.
The hell did "tresspassed from" come from? Did I jump into some alternate universe where my dictionary lies about usage?
Aug 6, 2012 Jason Petersen commented on What Do You Think of the Zero Dark Thirty Trailer?.
I think that they have previously stated they are intentionally releasing it post-election to avoid any appearance of attempting to sway the public using imagery of the Osama raid. Which is exactly the kind of delicate move you'd expect from toothless liberals. Sigh.
Jul 26, 2012 Jason Petersen commented on It's the Feel-Good Story of a Feel-Bad Week....
@2 Lol. "Going to have an effect".

You know that quote is from February 2011, right? You've gone this whole time without reading it. Some effect.


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