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Mar 1, 2012 NumberOne commented on RIP, Eric Slocum.
I can't stop crying as I read his poems. This one was especially crushing to me:

be mine
Valentines Day—1969.
D.B. in the car. Eleven years old. D.B. dropped-off at the school's front entrance. D.B. still sleepy in the gloomy morning light. Minnesota snow; piles cleared by janitors. Sidewalks and doorways still slick with slush as hundreds of students stomp the grayish muck.
"Have fun at your party, Honey" -- cheerful Mom to little D.B. Of course, he's forgotten all about any party as Mom hands him the basket of cards. (Cards D.B. has signed.) Seventeen of them. BE MINE. LOVE. I'M HAPPY. SWEETHEART. At the party, D.B. is to place a card into an individual basket for each girl. Boys don't put cards into the baskets of other boys.
D.B. is unlikely to read the cards placed in his. But there will be cake!
As Mom's car pulls slowly back into traffic, D.B. clomps toward the front door, slush flying -- basket in hand.

How to know this very moment would forever disturb?
How to know it would change a life?

The noise is from behind. CRIPPLE. GIMP. GET-UP. CAN'T YOU STAND UP?

R_, the girl with a tortured walk, (disability never to be known or understood by D.B.) is down in the slush-glop. She has fallen. R_ is crying. D.B. can see, around her eyes, through coke bottle glasses, the whitish, frozen tears. And there's a crowd; all boys (hyena laughs) kicking the filthy snow onto the girl's red coat. A coat for Valentine's Day? R__'s basket has been kicked from her grasp. The boys are stomping it to shreds, cards are sopping wet, the basket itself now a shapeless wicker form; destroyed. Laughter from the boys pealing through icy air -- the sounds barely muffled by mountains of fresh snow.

Where are the teachers? Why is R__, with the horrific challenge, being taunted? Help her D.B.! She needs you! HELP HER! HELP HER! Suddenly... convulsively... D.B. is also leaking tears. Maybe R__ is calling to him. Help! The surreality of the moment; gloved hands on his ears, D.B. sees his own basket on the ground. Has he dropped it? Has someone knocked it down in the shuffle to the door? The slush and streams of melting ice make rivulets around the edges of the basket. Red coloring leaking into the glop. D.B.'s own cards are wet. HELP HER!

The terrible moment: unrelenting. The awful epithets. The cruel boys. R_ sobbing, unable to make it to her feet.

—D.B. has felt sad for R_ before; not understanding her ordeal.

—D.B. is in the snow too, gathering his own cards. —D.B. is walking toward the door. —D.B. is in the hall. —D.B. is at his locker. —D.B. feels a blast of heat; lockers slamming, teachers smiling. —D.B. no longer crying.

—D.B. walking to class. —D.B. carrying his basket

The day is 'ON.' The bell is ringing. —D.B. takes a seat -- eyes of a cadaver.
Posted by Dan-Eric Slocum at 7:57 AM
Sep 2, 2011 NumberOne commented on Pit Bull Owners Stage Counter-Protest to Show How Friendly Pit Bulls Are By Posing Their Dogs With Babies!.
@ 55 I would hold my dog soundly no matter what size or breed around any child that small. You can't predict what can happen in a matter of seconds between animals and bouncing babies.
Sep 1, 2011 NumberOne commented on Pit Bull Madness in Discovery Park.
@ 62 I pity the day when you have to realize that life and the world, along with all its challenges and big scary things, does not have training wheels attached. Risk aversion is very unhealthy to practice to the extent you describe. Hmm.
Hovering mom hovers when in presence of dog. Not shocking but rather depressing for the child whose world is subsequently shaped by the one wearing those helicopter tainted lenses.
Jun 25, 2011 NumberOne commented on Why the Faces of Some Cocaine Users Look Like They're Falling Off: An Explanation.
@18 ITA, thought it was also some type of US involvement but then I read "...a nasty cycle continues that ultimately leads to the decimation of the cocaine trade in South America" and that opened my eyes even wider. Never looked at it as a way to totally decimate the trade, just looked at it as another piece of ammo in their bs war on drugs - specifically the war they are fighting against addicts in America.
Jun 14, 2011 NumberOne commented on Is This the Most Offensive Conservative Commercial Ever?.
WTF is this outlandish crap? Hopefully not serious.
Dec 2, 2010 NumberOne commented on The Forrest Gump of Crown Hill?.
I have seen him running down 8th Ave and up 100th. He wears a beanie whenever I see him.
Nov 17, 2010 NumberOne commented on Sarah Palin's Alaska Offspring.
Whoa, was # 19 real? I hope they read through the rest of SLOG, especially the Savage Love letters!
Oct 25, 2010 NumberOne commented on That Gay Teen Suicide in Lakewood, WA.
This story just does not make sense.…
Oct 25, 2010 NumberOne commented on That Gay Teen Suicide in Lakewood, WA.
Who is Daric Rawr? Is he famous or something? I have never heard of him. What a shame to make up such a story, ugh! Someone has some serious issues to even think about going there.
Oct 20, 2010 NumberOne commented on Willow Smith: "Whip My Hair".
@ 20 what with her long ass weave snapping around? @ 2 That is sarcasm, right?