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Oct 18, 2012 TomboyJudy commented on The Stranger Election Control Board’s Endorsements For the November 6, 2012, General Election.
The Romney-esque flip flop by The Stranger is perplexing and very disappointing. In the Primary, Parisien earned 47% of the vote just barely missing winning…and Washington was a full 20 points behind her.

Let’s take just a few of the points offered by the endorsement flip:

1. “First, it turns out that the KCBA judicial ratings are rubbish. The marks for superior court judges were clearly skewed by prosecutors who sandbagged Washington (apparently due to him extending lighter sentences to juvenile offenders).”

Interesting conclusion—20 votes skew the results so much that the entire survey is considered “rubbish”? If the results were so wrong, why did the KCBA publish them?

2. “Parisien has also refused to submit questionnaires for minority bar associations this year”

Parisien went through the process of answering questionnaires for minority bar associations, as well as others, two years ago. The ratings generated by those questionnaires are good for three years… there’s no need to go through that process again.

3. Regarding the alleged endorsements. The term “endorsement” was never used by Sue Parisien. She never stated anywhere that either Gregoire or McKenna endorsed her. In fact, her web site specifically states who DOES endorse her. The comments attributed to them are simply statements that were IN FACT MADE. That they are not considered endorsements does not negate the validity of the statements.

4. You use the fact that Parisien did not quickly quote cases that were overturned as a reason why she wouldn't be a good Judge. Judges do not just throw case cites from the bench, they research and include those cites in their decisions – decisions that are generated after hearing all the evidence and evaluating the concepts that are brought before them.

5. You refer to compassion. Sue Parisien has been involved with making and delivering meals to Aids Patients.

6. You state: “... But his judicial philosophy of compassion for young offenders, who are often chewed up and spit out by the justice system, is more in line with our philosophy than his opponent's.”

“Judicial philosophy of compassion”? A juvenile beat a police officer so badly that he lost his job and any possibility of holding a steady job and his “judicial passion” resulted in a 30 DAY sentence. That’s the type of “sound judicial reasoning” The Stranger is endorsing?
Oct 11, 2012 TomboyJudy commented on Rob McKenna Has Not Endorsed Sue Parisien Either (Though He Doesn't Mind Her Using an Old Quote from Him In Her Voters' Guide Statement).
Sue Parisien has never stated that either Rob McKenna or Chris Gregoire has endorsed her. Indeed, she has been above board and specifically listed who HAS endorsed her. The statements attributed to each of these people were indeed made by each at some point. The fact that some time has passed since they were written doesn't change that fact. No "digging" by those who have sour grapes because they have been bested by Ms. Parisien in court system will change that. Sue has taken down the comment by Chris Gregoire. She shouldn't have had to, but she did.

In the primary, Sue Parisien received nearly 50% of the vote all by herself. The other candidates, including Washington, SHARED the remaining 50%.

The bottom line in all this is that Sue Parisien has a great deal of integrity and ethics. Anyone who works for now, and has worked for in the past, the Washington State Attorney General's office is held to a much higher standard than any other attorney/firm by the general public. Those who question the integrity of Sue Parisien are not speaking from a position of having all the information about this candidate.

Funny... In August, the Stranger endorsed Sue Parisien stating: "His challengers are all capable, but Sue Parisien is the best. She's an advocate for treatment programs and diversion, Governor Gregoire has praised her, and the Municipal League gives her a "very good" rating. So do we. Vote Parisien."

What has changed since then? A systematic, behind the scenes, smear campaign by those who have been bested by Ms. Parien. Sour grapes, to say the very least. Is the Stranger flip flopping like Romney? If the Stranger can be influenced like this, why should we trust ANY of their endorsements?

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