Feb 10, 2015 Juris commented on Jonathan Grant of the Tenants Union Will Challenge Tim Burgess or Sally Clark for Council Seat.
@20: What units do you think are getting torn down to make room for the new ones? The crappy, run-down units. Yes, stock is increasing overall, but that stock is by and large much, much more expensive than what's being replaced. The poor are hit hard in both dynamics - new construction is too expensive, and old units are demanding higher rates as well. It's vicious all around.
Feb 10, 2015 Juris commented on Jonathan Grant of the Tenants Union Will Challenge Tim Burgess or Sally Clark for Council Seat.
Damn right he's got my vote. And volunteer hours. And the loose change I can spare. Jon's a great guy doing great work, and the council needs a voice like his. I think @4 is spot-on with their political calculation: Clark is likely more easily beaten, but I'd rather have Burgess gone. Either way, he's the better candidate.
Jan 21, 2014 Juris commented on "I Need Some Pretty Things".
Stand on the north plaza of Centurylink Field when a Sounders' "March to the Match" goes by, 60 minutes before kickoff - ideally the first game of the season (March 8th) or before a big match (like the rivalry with Portland) . The first part of the march will include pyrotechnics (giant blue and green smoke bombs and most likely marine/signal flares) and then the riot of colors and masses of people waving flags and scarves and clapping in unison - that'd be a trip to see if you're new to this whole "sight" thing!
Jan 17, 2014 Juris commented on Barbara Bush Doesn't Want Jeb Bush to Run for President.
@15: Right? I'm surprised it took 15 comments to make that point. The Clinton's aren't a dynasty (yet) as their power isn't inter-generational. They're a power couple - a husband and wife pair with equal ambition and ability. If Chelsea runs for high office and wins thanks to the bump she gets from her last name, THEN it's a dynasty. Mrs. Bush is just making a subtle smear here, and like most smears it doesn't hold up to a nuanced evaluation of the facts.
Dec 10, 2013 Juris commented on Dark-'n'-Manly.
What @6 said. I love my central hill apartment, but I'm tired of not being able to get a drink anywhere in my neighborhood from Thursday through Sunday. It's total hipster-person-first-world-problems, but it's still a problem.
Dec 5, 2013 Juris commented on Sergeant Who Threatened to Arrest Me for Taking Photos Placed on Leave, Pending Discipline.
Came here to say exactly what @1 said, fuuuuck.
Nov 5, 2013 Juris commented on Beyond Cheech & Chong.
"Thunderbaked" is my new favorite weed term. I'll have to work on passing the "blitzed" threshold tonight so I can explain my intoxication that way to my roommate.
Oct 9, 2013 Juris commented on Conlin Claims Immigrant Challenger Has Shown a "Lack of Civic Engagement.".
Colin is a total prat. 3/4 voters like Sawant are high engagement, regular voters by any campaign's standards - even more so when you're counting the last 4 elections, including off-year spring elections, not just the last 4 "major" ones. I can guarantee that his own outreach is targeting 3/4+ primary/general voters. Does Conlin believe the people he's begging votes from aren't "civically engaged" enough? Will his phone bankers and direct mailers berate his fellow Seattleites for being too busy with trying to make rent to make sure he has another 4 years of six figure income with nothing to show for it but a warm chair?
Oct 7, 2013 Juris commented on City Council Votes to Effectively Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.
I absolutely believe that MMJ needs to continue as an accessible healthcare option to those truly in need. I also absolutely believe that the current MMJ system is flawed and dirty and those fighting against reform have too much money invested/involved to be the white knight "patient advocates" they claim to be: they're just worried about their customer base leaving. It wouldn't be difficult to require a MMJ authorization to require a second opinion, be entered into medical charts, etc. that would assure the program is restricted to those who have a true medical need for it. This group could still be allowed to home grow, have different possession restrictions, etc. Everyone else, including those recreational users who abuse the MMJ system today (because really, "patients" needing dispensaries that have "free preroll fridays" and give out "free medicine" on the first visits or for "patient referrals" are a complete.fucking.joke.), can go to the recreational market as intended by 502. As it stands, the MMJ market has no credibility and is just trying to extend their regulatory/tax dodge as long as possible, which is a shame and ultimately counterproductive for full removal of prohibition.
Sep 27, 2013 Juris commented on Thank You to Everyone Who Donated to Ashley's Worst Tattoo.
Damnit slog, there's something in my eye now.