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Oct 10, 2013 Morgan commented on Why Do Trees Change Color So Inconsistently?.
It has to do with genetic variation within species as well as light availability. Street lights affect the timing, for example.
Sep 11, 2013 Morgan commented on After Economics: 95% Percent of Income Gains has Gone to the 1%.
One of the things I keep thinking about - America has shifted towards a more service based economy, if incomes continue to lag behind inflation, and the service sector contracts due to decreased consumer purchasing power, the US economy is unable to experience real growth or even avoid continued contraction. The limited growth we have seen is clearly not improving the standard of living or purchasing power of average Americans, so can it really even be considered growth at all? Given contraction among most emerging economies - mostly a response to tampering FED policies, we end up in a similar situation where the wealthy have limited productive repositories for their capital. Where will they stash their cash? Third world water supplies, staple commodities as a hedge on global climate change? At some point, growth should cease to be the end goal of markets anyway, but in the meantime, let's find a way to limit the proportion that goes to the people who need it least.
Aug 30, 2013 Morgan commented on Coming Soon to 11th and Pine: A Bar Refreshingly Devoid of a Concept.
Just call it "the bar"
Nov 16, 2012 Morgan commented on The Deepest Time in the Deepest Space.
The "known" universe... Why do we think the entire universe is expanding all at once, rather than some areas contracting, like the most massive black holes - down to the type of singularity that we see as the starting point of the big bang. We can't see those, because they're probably further away than 8 billion light years.
Aug 15, 2012 Morgan commented on Anthropocene Today.
Glaciers are more visible and measurable than the hardship and famine that will result from increases in commodity prices caused by temporal and geographic shifts in precipitation distribution. This will affect developing countries disproportionately, and will favor the west economically - which adds insult to injury since we have contributed the vast majority of carbon emissions, and have resisted every effort to reduce output. Measuring the mortality caused by famine and water shortages will be difficult, but someone will eventually quantify the largest genocide in human history as the most tragic unintended consequence of the industrial revolution.
Apr 12, 2012 Morgan commented on The Mysterious Vanishing Squirrels of Beacon Hill.
Dominic Holden
Jan 25, 2012 Morgan commented on One of the Founders of Occupy Wall Street, David Graeber, Answers Your Questions on Slog.
First of all, I agree with you that Freedom of Assembly is protected under the Constitution, but we saw that right ignored during WTO as well as with multiple war protests, the RNC Convention and with the Occupy movement. Is there a coordinated effort to ensure that a class action lawsuit be brought against local governments to provide an opportunity for this issue to be resolved by the Supreme Court? If multiple lawsuits could be brought in several states, at least a few could reach the higher courts and could theoretically build a precedent preventing local law enforcement from dissolving popular movements before they have a chance to gain substantial traction.

Secondly, do you believe that it is even possible that a revision of the tax code coupled with a better regulatory framework and investment in educational opportunities - as proposed by the President last night - could provide a sufficient basis for reversing the general decline of the Middle Class and help to reign in the excessive profits of the wealthy; or has Citizens United precluded the ability of average Americans to affect political change in a meaningful way going forward?
Jan 10, 2012 Morgan commented on Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon Wants to Banish Disposable Bags From Washington State.
If you haven't seen Herzog narrating the Odyssey of a plastic bag, do so now:…

Nov 6, 2011 Morgan commented on 365 Days . . ..
Time to ramp up folks. Fuck our personal opinions. Tow the party line, cheerlead like hell and bring the sordid masses to the polls.
Oct 18, 2011 Morgan commented on Black Workers.
You've been Chuck trolled.