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Chefgirl Right now I'm very surprised to have a file on my YouTube channel going viral due to its inclusion of Christine O'Donnell some twelve years ago.
Nov 30 Chefgirl commented on What We Know About Use of Force by Mall Cops.
I was at a concert by Al Stewart a few years back. A very drunk "fan" wouldn't stop screaming questions and making various whoops and howls for the first half of the show. When he started up after intermission, a security officer removed him to general applause.

I happened to be in the lobby when the two men showed up. They just kind of stared at one another, each unsure of what to do next. Finally the security guy set the drunk dude in a chair and shook handcuffs in his face...and called the police.
Nov 28 Chefgirl commented on The Fruitless Search for Gay Sexual Tension at the Alderwood Mall.
Waldenbooks had the Pulp Fiction screenplay a year before the film came out? Cool!
Nov 28 Chefgirl commented on If Urban Outfitters Is the Best Music Store, Digital Has Won.
My first job ever, after the babysitting years, was at Wherehouse Records at Alderwood Mall (where the Daiso store is now). Yes, it was a mall store but we, the staff of seven, made it fairly cool - we'd do special orders and break the rules by playing things like Crowded House's 2nd album two months before it was released or (daringly) the Black Album by Prince (with a few tracks left off). It was a good first job as I aged out of my teens - I learned a bit about EVERY type of music, not just what I'd always listened to on my own up until that time.
Nov 26 Chefgirl commented on I, Anonymous.
I always found it rather fun and festive to work on Thanksgiving/Christmas eve during my retail days. But I have advantage of seeing my family quite a bit all year round.
Oct 30 Chefgirl commented on Today's SPOOKY Song of the Day is Coil's Take on "Tainted Love".
Not to mention the Marc Almond cameo!
Oct 30 Chefgirl commented on Now Is the Time for Three All-Time Seattle Greats.
Both the chalk portrait of Jeffrey the Dog and the parasols came from this man: http://www.curtissteiner.com/

The parasols were put up for my best friend (and Curtis' partner) Robert when his 40th birthday party was held at the newly-opened Boat...
Oct 28 Chefgirl commented on NASA Rocket Carrying Supplies to ISS Explodes On Takeoff.
So the second video ends and YouTube populates the screen with four little snapshots of things I might want to watch next...upper left is Kristen Chenowith singing "My Philosophy" on the Tonys. ?????????????
Oct 17 Chefgirl commented on The Morning News: Starbucks Employees Can Now Have Flair.
20 years ago our asst manager at Starbucks got her nose pierced...and from then on she'd cut a teensy square from a beige-colored bandaid to cover the stud during her shift. I kept waiting for it to fall into a customer's drink. It looked So Damn Stupid.
Sep 3 Chefgirl commented on Our Long National Nightmare Is Over.
1996 clips from the UK quiz show Have I Got News For You - Eddie Izzard bringing down the house and then Piers on the next week, attempting to get a laugh by reprising Eddie's joke and tanking bit time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQr90AjK…
Jul 21 Chefgirl commented on The Monday Morning News.
On the subject of Sade's beauty, read the novel "Absolute Beginners" and notice the description of the nightclub singer in it...the part that Sade played in the film. Its as if author Colin MacInnes had received a picture of her from the future and was describing her features one-by-one, the high forehead, the glow of her skin, the shape of her eyes, her figure...if ever there was someone born to play an exact role, it was Sade in that film. (The film's quite fun for other reasons too - David Bowie tap dancing. 'nuff said.)

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