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Jul 2 Greenwood commented on I, Anonymous.
Compared to their predecessors (i.e actual violent, murderous people) these Capitol Hill bros. are a bunch of pussycats. Move on with your life and be happy you have such trivial problems.
Jun 21 Greenwood commented on On That Bettie Page Mural.
Is there a GoFundMe site to help these people restore the art? That house has been brightening my days for a decade now.
Jun 18 Greenwood commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Weeded Out.
IME, people who smoke occasionally oftentimes have an exaggerated view of how much if effects people. Having a puff or two every day for awhile, and it's somewhere in the neighborhood of a cup of coffee in how much it impacts your ability to function normally.
May 31 Greenwood commented on Jerry Brown Does Math, Endorses Clinton.
Perhaps Bernie supporters would do better by their candidate by actually talking about his ideas and/or qualifications rather than name calling and relentlessly harping on easily debunked Clinton conspiracy theories.
May 5 Greenwood commented on Twitter Trend Tells Hillary to Drop Out.
Hillary will likely trounce Trump. Bernie vs. Trump would be too close for comfort. Polls don't much. Bernie has never been attacked, and there's simply too much material for them to work with.…
Apr 5 Greenwood commented on What If More of Today's Bernie Sanders Supporters Had Voted in the 2014 Midterm Elections?.
That whole interview is hilarious and very worth reading.
Mar 25 Greenwood commented on See How Vinyl Records Get Made, and Note How Well They're Selling.
@7: A well cared for CD will last many lifetimes and inumerable plays. Vinyl measuraby degrades every time the needle digs into those grooves.
Mar 25 Greenwood commented on See How Vinyl Records Get Made, and Note How Well They're Selling.
@rshoff: Great point about the speaker being the most important. And phenomenally great speakers/subwoofers are cheaper than they've ever been. What an amazing time it is to be a lover of music.
Mar 25 Greenwood commented on See How Vinyl Records Get Made, and Note How Well They're Selling.
Quality digital formats are objectively superior in every way that can possibly be measured (dynamic/frequency range, noise/distortion, etc). These formats reproduce the sound waves that make up music more accurately than vinyl, and for the most part they do not degrade over time (CD rot is mostly a myth). CDs reproduce perfectly (yes, perfectly) all the content that is on the recording (however imperfect that recording might be).

The appeal to vinyl is largely psychological. It is a beautiful and physical medium. Some people enjoy the increased distortion too, but please don't confuse this with accuracy.

The best thing about this so called "vinyl resurgence" is that due to obvious limitations of the medium, it encourages young people getting into vinyl to listen at the sweet spot to an album all the way through at reference volume. Of course vinyl sounds better to many people.
Nov 24, 2015 Greenwood commented on What It's Like to Be a Woman in the Writing Industry.
These culture warrior types obsessing about micro-aggressions almost always seem awfully neurotic and unhappy.