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John Scott Tynes
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Jul 9 John Scott Tynes commented on Why It's Worth Paying More for Legal Pot.
@32 Totally. I wish pot legalization didn't have to be so goddamn tacky. When I read the list of initial store names I performed an involuntary eyeroll so severe I was blind for a week.
Jul 9 John Scott Tynes commented on Why It's Worth Paying More for Legal Pot.
I thought this was pretty great. I have no interest in buying weed but Dominic's points are excellent.

I don't actually think the LCB has a lot of blame to shoulder here. The Feds made it very clear, publicly, that they would not tolerate pot stores going in within X distance of schools etc. which is why Seattle has so few stores. This is Year One. Give it time, stoners.
Jul 4 John Scott Tynes commented on Uber Partners With Ultra-Right Wing Corporate Lobby ALEC.
Uber does promotions like this with events and even theater companies all the time. But then I've quickly come to expect this sort of breathless, underreported outrage alert from Ansel.
Jun 28 John Scott Tynes commented on Lavender Country's 40 Years of Pride.
Wow. What a wonderful story.
Jun 26 John Scott Tynes commented on You're Going to Be Voting Soon on a New Way to Fund Seattle's Parks.
@15 The tunnel project is paid for by the state. That money would not ever go to Seattle city parks.
May 17 John Scott Tynes commented on The Opposite of Naturalism Is Truth.
"Naturalism is the lie." Paul, I wonder if you're conflating naturalism with realism. They're quite different. Film noir is naturalist; cinema verite is realist.…

Bottle Rocket is amazing and I love it deeply. I saw it in the theater and it blew me away. What both it and Mr. Fox have in common is that they are both caper movies. Capers in film are escapist fantasies that have a lot in common with filmmaking itself: you assemble a crew of diverse talents, you make a meticulous plan, everything goes wrong, and through your wits and courage you pull it out of the fire.
Apr 22 John Scott Tynes commented on Is It Okay to Bring a Big Gulp to a Fancy Restaurant?.
A friend of mine is a teetotaler and loves Mountain Dew. He ate regularly at El Gaucho and would bring a bottle with him discreetly wrapped in a bag for the server to "uncork". After a couple visits, they just started stocking a few bottles of Mountain Dew for him and served it in a glass with ice, because that's how you handle good customers.
Apr 5 John Scott Tynes commented on SPD Says Detective Fired Six or Seven Rifle Rounds At Bank Robber Who Charged With Knife.
Would this even be a story if it had been a young black man who worked at a 7-11? "Young black man robs bank, charges cop with knife, is shot dead." The skepticism here is because he's white and works in a trendy restaurant.
Apr 4 John Scott Tynes commented on The Man Seattle Police Killed Yesterday: 26-Year-Old Chef Cody Spafford.
If he robbed a bank, that means he was willing to threaten people's lives to get money. It's not like he was drunk and disorderly or dancing in a club.
Mar 18 John Scott Tynes commented on The New Peanuts Movie Is Not an Autobiography.
@18 pegged it. The CGI isn't the issue, the issue is the trailer ends with Charlie Brown in a loving embrace, sighing with happiness. That's the fucking issue.…

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