Sep 5, 2014 meeps commented on "Whoever Wrote This Song Has a Strange Idea of Butts".
Please make Dave do this every week. Give him whatever drugs he needs to do it.
Jul 16, 2014 meeps commented on The Wednesday Morning News.
Syria. Jesus, drink some coffee!
Mar 19, 2014 meeps commented on Scott, the Millennial Republican, Has Opinions About Things.
Also, cable TV? To try and catch the young-ins? No.
Mar 17, 2014 meeps commented on Tales from Behind the Espresso Machine.
Starbucks HQ is in the midwest? Mmmhmm. I agree with #1.
Mar 6, 2014 meeps commented on What's Crappening?.
So not so much a drum prodigy, just a well-connected toddler. Uh, okay.
Jan 20, 2014 meeps commented on Amaker's the One: Mama Rags, Fox And The Law, And B.A.R. at Neumos.
God Tiny Dancer is so hot. I'm sad to have missed this show. Brent, please put on another ruckus show like this soon.
Jan 16, 2014 meeps commented on Today's Dinosaur News.
I'm not sure why anyone would categorize the native american tribes in South Dakota as "Goliath."
Jan 8, 2014 meeps commented on The Morning News.
holy hell. 6 WEEKS OLD. Fucking walk away. I will never understand what makes some people attack their babies when they are crying. Put the immobile six week old in a fucking crib and walk away.
Feb 14, 2013 meeps commented on The Young Evils - "Touch Tone Lovers".
Aww, @1 did you not get the candy hearts you wanted today? :(
Nov 2, 2012 meeps commented on Divers Fight to Outlaw Octopus Hunting in Puget Sound.
Oh but this douchebag did stop by to make a comment on a now-deleted West Seattle Blog forum thread. I'll let him speak for himself:

"So far allot of people have listened to what this man has said. and haven't heard my side.

I would like to state that the octopus was not on eggs and nor I did say it was. when he asked me “what if it was protecting its eggs” I said “well its not now” sarcastically. I never said there were eggs and I am outraged this story was fabricated... let alone the game warden said she thinks it was male shortly after she told me I broke no laws taking this animal. she even looked over the body at my house Thursday to be sure I did not stab it (and yes I did still have the body after butcher).
that being said I did not know this would get people in an uproar. and yes I did brag, I am a 20 year old GUY what did you expect, I got him by myself and I was proud of the catch. this is no different from a salmon fisherman proud of a huge fish he may have gotten. and yes was I rude to this man, however I kept my cool as long as I could and all I could think was “this asshole is yelling at me when there are others doing it daily”. I’ve only gotten two. I don’t do it because I’m sick and like to kill things. I do it because I enjoy the meat. ever had sushi? well what do you think some of the roll have in them?

lastly because of all the death threats, harassment, oh yeah and posting my employers number (they were innocent here but still had to deal with a couple HUNDRED calls from you people), I've decided that if this guy apologizes and asks me nicely to not hunt that area (like he should in the first place have, I would have understood if he didn't start off with calling me a fucker) to me via email/ gets rid of the people threatening to kill me and my family to stop, then I will never hunt that area again.

however if he refuses and I continue to get people calling me, messaging me, threatening me, spamming me, etc, then I will continue to hunt the area. local law enforcement have been contacted in regards to the issue and they say you may not stop me, touch me, block me, or interfere with me in anyway or the individuals will be subjected to criminal prosecution."