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David from Chicago
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Dec 10 David from Chicago commented on What Do You Think of Pixar's New Inside Out Trailer?.
Paul, stop being so grumpy. It's unbecomming.
Dec 10 David from Chicago commented on That Guy Who Took a Year Off the Internet Has Some Advice for You.
I read a couple weeks ago in one of the last good comment strings that Fnarf was done with Slog because it's gotten pretty bad. But it's clear that you guys are working on it, and it's been better for a few days. Maybe invoking his name will summon him? Is that what you're up to?
Dec 4 David from Chicago commented on Seeing the Future on the Highway.
Nice work, Charles. Everyone, download Waze right now to avoid this time travel trap if at all possible. Best ap on my phone by far.
Nov 21 David from Chicago commented on The Politics of Mathematics in Economics.
Charles, I respect you and you're pretty much the only interesting thing happening on Slog right now. You are way off base on ignoring the science of economics. You are behaving exactly like a conservative who denies global warming or evolution. You are not alone, as many liberals chose to ignore that economics is a science, probably because it points out inconvenient truths, but it is possible to be both liberal and "believe" in economics. That is, don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. But keep up the good work.
Nov 6 David from Chicago commented on Here's My Obligatory Post About the "Lena Dunham Thing".
Thanks, Paul. You made my day. Thought experiment: If Lena were a man, would Slog's reaction be so nonchalant?
Nov 6 David from Chicago commented on I Interviewed the Guy Who Jumped onto a Dead Whale Being Eaten by Sharks. He’s Advertising Deodorant Now. I Have Suggestions..
Please tell me this wasn't a real interview. You just made up the whole awkward exchange, right? Please?
Oct 27 David from Chicago commented on Prominent CBC Radio Host Claims He Was Fired for Consensual BDSM Sex.
Crap. He had a great show the aired most nights on WBEZ in Chicago. Lots of wonderful interviews with interesting people.
Oct 17 David from Chicago commented on Black Man Doing Time Is Now as Natural as Sunshine.
Great story, Charles. Thanks.
Oct 10 David from Chicago commented on The Mindy Project Goes to Fifth Base (and Drives the Catholic League Batty).
@20 I see what you did there now, and it makes sense. It's subtle, though, and easy to miss your disgust. Adding "These" before Catholics here: "Got that? These Catholics would appreciate it..." would have gotten your point across without lumping millions of Catholics, myself included, in with these assholes.

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