Sep 1, 2012 stella commented on Clint Eastwood's Sad, Weird Speech at the Republican National Convention.
@10 here _ for those who asked, i watched the speech on the WSJ Digital Network version on YouTube. Link below.

as far as the mormon endowment ceremony, i can't remember what i was watching or reading when someone mentioned that mitt needed to be asked about it - because in it, he swears certain allegiances to the mormon church, and also swears to secrecy onto death. it was then that in the ceremony the person making the oath does the swipe across the neck. it was (may be still) part of the masonic oath of secrecy, as well - where it is believed to have come from. it has since been modified, but mitt took his oaths before the modification.…

the motions i am talking about are from the pre-1990 endowment. and are covered under penalties - what the penalty is for revealing the secrets of failing an oath.…
Aug 31, 2012 stella commented on Clint Eastwood's Sad, Weird Speech at the Republican National Convention.
as far as mormonism is concerned - did you see what clint did. it was not captured by every camera. but he did an 'off with his head' swipe across the neck. some have implied it was a kind of threat to obama. NO! clint took a big swing at the mormon. not enough people know what that means, but if you go read up on the mormon endowment ceremony, and the oaths of secrecy mitt took (pre-removal of some gestures) you will know that any mormon watching him knew exactly what he was doing. it was not meant for obama - despite his words. that was meant for romney and the mormons, and i assure you, they didn't like it.
Aug 31, 2012 stella commented on Clint Eastwood's Sad, Weird Speech at the Republican National Convention.

clint eastwood in march of this year. is this a doddering old fool ready for the home?
Aug 31, 2012 stella commented on Clint Eastwood As I'd Rather Remember Him.
Clint Eastwood found a way to tell Mitt Romney to go fuck himself on national television at the RNC Convention - and all anyone else saw was a doddering old man. Brilliant, Clint!!
Aug 31, 2012 stella commented on Clint Eastwood's Sad, Weird Speech at the Republican National Convention.
OMSWEETG! Clint Eastwood pulls off a brilliant performance and the nation misses the genius of it. I know watching it in real time, people were blinded by the theatrics and didn't REALLY hear him. It's an old ventriloquist trick - when you want to say something, but not be blamed for it, you let the dummy (empty chair) say it!!

Clint Eastwood, at the RNC Convention, on national television told Mitt Romney to go fuck himself!!! And, in the single most ingenious way it could be done!

Then he takes a swipe at lawyers. Did we forget, Romney has a JD, too? He's just a lawyer who went into business for Pete's sake. Sure, he took some jabs about Obama as a smoke screen - but he gave no ringing endorsement to Romney. Romney and Ryan are just guys who come along? WTF is that? He never mentions one republican platform or policy. He NEVER said "vote for Mitt Romney for President."

Then, in the coup de grĂ¢ce, he says he's speaking for everyone (dem rep lib) and says "don't vote for a man just because he's a nice guy." Are you kidding me? What was Ann Romney's task - to humanize the great out sourcer robber baron, and sell Mitt, the nice guy!! OMG did you guys actually miss that?!

And one more thing, that "off with his head" move - swiping across his throat - I don't know how much you know about the Mormon endowment ceremony, but that was a roundhouse punch at Mitt Romney!! You may not have known it for what it was, but the Mormons surely knew what it was, and I promise you, they did not like it.

And to cloak the performance in the doddering old man act. That just took the cake. Clint Eastwood is still acting and still directing. Don't you think that if he had wanted to help the RNC with a rallying cry to elect Mitt Romney that he could have? This was their big get, their secret weapon and all the RNC can say about his appearance is that "the crowd enjoyed it."

Watch that speech in its entirety again. It was not what you think you saw.
Dec 7, 2010 stella commented on Elizabeth Edwards.
am i the only one who remembers this woman's personal ambition allowed her to conspire to continue a campaign in fraud and deceit that, had it been successful long enough, had the potential to implode at the 11th hour and hand this country over to the republicans for another four years? i'm sorry, but there's nothing classy about defrauding the american people for one's own personal gain - betrayed wife with cancer or not.
Nov 17, 2010 stella commented on Lunchtime Quickie: The World's Youngest Fashion Designer.
i guess she felt LIKE her english teacher was rude, and she didn't go to her anymore either.
Oct 27, 2010 stella commented on SL Letter of the Day: Fucking Loyalty.
given that people who have sex regularly live longer, this woman is actually taking years off his life. (in addition to the job stress is doing to him). getting out or getting some may be an act of self-preservation. ten years and still faithful - gotta be a record.

might want to check to make sure wife isn't doing ole' wait and see.

there are many reasons. some people never really liked sex and get to the point where they are simply done pretending about it. it could be that she is depressed and taking anti-depressants which really do take the wind out of your sails! she could have a history of abuse, anything could be wrong. but at some point a person has to heal themselves - and that goes for both of them. when one person is content with the status quo and doesn't care how it affects one's partner, that is someone who doesn't need to be married anymore. ten years is loyal enough. time to go.

i don't recommend cheating for a number of reasons, but if he must, i hope it's with someone whose eyes are wide open and doesn't expect a real relationship with a man who won't leave his family.
Oct 27, 2010 stella commented on Eat Candy, Live Forever.
could it be that eating a piece of candy brings a moment of joy and happiness - and happier people live longer. have you ever seen a person frown while eating candy? who doesn't have happy memories from childhood that involve candy?
Oct 17, 2010 stella commented on Picking the Right Present for a Baby.
First - the Rosary is not a necklace. They are prayer beads, not to be worn as jewelry.

Two - It is not just prayers TO Mary. The Rosary includes praying the "Apostles Creed", "The Lord's Prayer", and "Glory Be to the Father". IThe statue could not be further from self-aggrandizement given that it is the work of an artist, and not Mary herself.

Three - Saying the Rosary is an oppotunity to reflect upon the mysteries in the life of Christ that are the foundation of our salvation, in addition to the veneration of Mary and an opportunity to profess one's faith. It is a meditative devotion.

Four - Criticism for the sake of criticism is ignorance on display.