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Dec 9, 2014 runswithnailclippers commented on The Torture Report Confirms That the United States Is Even More Monstrous Than We Suspected.
Every U.S. post war president up to and including Obama should be (or should have been) tried for war crimes:…
Jul 10, 2014 runswithnailclippers commented on The Number of Undocumented Children Crossing the Border Isn't High Enough.
As a Canadian, I much prefer what we've done with immigration compared to the U.S. And while I'm critical of the U.S. on many issues, comparing immigration in the U.S. to Japan is ridiculous. Japan is very much closed door, and the U.S. is still relatively open door. I've also never understood why "immigration" and the "immigration debate" always seems to refer to "illegal immigrants from Latin America" in the U.S. You realize that the U.S. takes immigrants from South Asia, China, Africa etc. etc.? It could do better but to compare it to closed door Japan is crazy.
May 27, 2014 runswithnailclippers commented on WSJ: The Greatest Inequality Is Between Those With College Degrees and Those Without.
Yes, people who have a higher level of education or more likely to make more. But people who come from wealthier families are more likely to afford the education in the first place, and more likely to have good connections upon graduating. I don't see this mentioned in the WSJ summary. Also, since minimum wage hasn't gone up in years, this is going to inflate the disparity more for people in service type jobs who are less likely to have a college education.

So this conclusion that the value of a degree is increasing is bogus as it is the result of a faulty correlation.
Apr 29, 2014 runswithnailclippers commented on Which Country Googled "Global Warming Fake" the Most?.
Search numbers like this are absolutely meaningless. Shouldn't need to trout out the reasons but:
1. Absolute numbers, not per capita?
2. Relative number of people on the internet in that country?
3. Are these Google searches? Although Google is obviously dominant everywhere, it may be less dominant in some countries.
4. Some people who type in this search are looking to spot who the idiots are. Perhaps some countries are relatively credulous/incredulous according to culture. A journalist doing a story on "pedophiles" might search on that term, but is not a pedophile.
5. How about countries who are the largest producers of petroleum, or where petroleum accounts for largest percentage of GDP?

Maybe if we got search numbers per capita based on accessibility to internet, or time spent on internet, adjusted for the popularity of search engine in question, etc. etc. we would be closer to something meaningful. But it would be difficult.
Mar 25, 2014 runswithnailclippers commented on Christian School Expells Eight-Year-Old Tomboy.
@7 - yup, has to be an art project.

Actually that would be a good piece for a museum. Have a huge "Never Read the Comments" sign on the left, and then have a video screen scrolling idiotic comments like the above on the right. Maybe taser the genitals of anyone reading the comments for longer than 10 seconds.

I think that, despite the Mona Lisa, The Scream and Starry Night, my art project would be The Best Thing In The World.
Mar 19, 2014 runswithnailclippers commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Scared of Heights?.
hungry bum
Mar 5, 2014 runswithnailclippers commented on New Marijuana Study Says....
Actually to watch multiple times go to the link, not the embed. There are 9 different endings.
Feb 26, 2014 runswithnailclippers commented on "The Glass Over the Salad Bar Seems to Keep the Foods Protected.".
"You can go light with a salad. Or you can opt for anything from an appetizer to a full dinner...."

Finally! A restaurant that offers salad, appetizers AND a main course! So unusual!

I also like that there is only one reference to the taste of anything-"sharp tasting cheese".

At least she understands proper adjectives though ("healthful"). I'll give her that.
Feb 25, 2014 runswithnailclippers commented on Chatterbox: The Internet Is Talking About Beard Transplants and Godzilla.
GODZILLA SPOILER: They defeat him by feeding him a big ol' bag of meth, yo.
Feb 25, 2014 runswithnailclippers commented on No One In Arizona Would Discriminate Against Anyone.
Someone should develop a "Report the Haters" app. You can add video, photos, a description of service you were refused etc. Maybe a mini Yelp for hateful businesses. Gays and non-gays can use the app to know what businesses to avoid.

Or maybe use Yelp itself, and maybe Yelp could add a "discrimination" category.

But maybe opening this up to tech and the free market isn't as good as a anti-discrimination court ruling though....