Apr 20, 2011 TeaHag commented on Campus Conservative Group Attempts to Piss Off Campus Liberals, Succeeds.
I did my undergrad in Women's Studies, and loved it, but this prof is doing exactly the type of thing I would see all the time in my faculty: teach about oppression, about dismantling the master's house, and about revolution, and then fall back on "you're supposed to address me by my last name because tradition says so!!!!"

Shame that she lost her temper, because the Conservative group's email WAS ridiculous, and there's a lot to be criticised in it, but in this exchange they end up looking like the more respectful bunch. Too bad.
Apr 15, 2011 TeaHag commented on Do Not Trust These Billboards to Give You Pregnancy Advice.
I've worked in the sexual health field a long time, and come to this conclusion: I don't care if anti-choice groups want to promote any-option-but-abortion. That's their right. But I will not put up with groups trying to have the law reflect their opinion. So sure, try and sway me with your tacky billboards. Just don't make the final choice FOR me.

That said, any place claiming to be a health centre or claiming to give accurate information on all pregnancy options absolutely shouldn't be telling women and girls abortion myths or terror stories.
Mar 20, 2011 TeaHag commented on Gay Men and Sexually Transmitted Infections.
As someone who has been working in the HIV education field for several years, I have to agree with Dan's "laughably ineffectual" comment. We don't educate so much as coddle. Know you're HIV positive and plan to go to the bathhouse and fuck without a condom and without telling your sex partners that you're HIV+? Let's start a campaign about how difficult it is to disclose! Believe me, I know it must be difficult, and I'm not saying the other person involved doesn't have some responsibility in having safe sex, but come on. Let's respect folk enough to treat them like adults and tell them when they're being stupid: if you're HIV+ and you fuck without a condom AND without telling your sex partners you're HIV+, you're being a reprehensible fuckwad.

Mar 9, 2011 TeaHag commented on Horror in Arkansas.
The police officer's inappropriate pronouns likely aren't contributing to a culture of acceptance and respect for trans folk in that city.
Mar 8, 2011 TeaHag commented on SLLOTD: Not My Best Work.
"I think in her own brain she is convinced that our romance would be the best thing that ever happened to either one of us, and she just has to get me to see the light for this wonderful thing to happen."

Classic. Stalker. Behaviour.

The fact that she's too stuck on this delusion (and yes, it is a delusion) to even have an ounce of consideration for YOUR opinions in this points to what others have already said: this friendship isn't salvageable, at least not right now. And what's going to happen if you meet someone? How will she react then? Seriously, you need to distance yourself.
Dec 29, 2010 TeaHag commented on SL Letter of the Day: Can't Help You.
@95 I think my comment was misinterpreted. I was *criticising* that aspect of queer politics, not justifying it.
Dec 29, 2010 TeaHag commented on SL Letter of the Day: Can't Help You.
As a Women's Studies learnin' leftie, I have to say "the left" takes some of the blame for attitudes like SWAP's. A lot of us view straight allies with skepticism, or with an eye that they've simply been brainwashed by the heteronormative discourse of blah blah blah Derrida blah. I have experienced many groups within LGBT communities who think a hetero person just can't possibly understand. So I get why someone who has only the vaguest curiosity in fooling around with women -- very specific women -- would rush to identify as "queer." Sure she's being a pretentious douche, but there's a big community of pretentious douches who encourage it.
Dec 26, 2010 TeaHag commented on Speaking of Father Christmas.
@60 and @70
I'm not sure that this has anything to do with "love" so much as with societal expectations. People tend to judge you more harshly if you send your kid to a home than if you send your aging parents to a home. You chose to have that kid; you didn't choose be born to your parents. Also, ALL parents, unless they die relatively young, get old and eventually feeble. Not all children require 24-hour care into adulthood. Just as not every adult can afford to look after their aging parents, not every parent with a disabled child can afford to look after them 24/7. Some of them do, but some of them send their relatives to homes.
Dec 14, 2010 TeaHag commented on HIV Prevention Campaign From Mars.
I LOVE this. No fear mongering, no making sex a dangerous and dirty thing. Just a fabulous Santa-like drag queen dropping some fabulous bling condoms into sexy situations. Like it only adds to the hotness of the whole thing. I seriously love this.
Dec 11, 2010 TeaHag commented on Christian Pick-Up Lines: "I'm the big brother, she's the little sister, I'm there to tease her.".
Don't miss his informative blog article, Attractive Women Are Like Low-Level Celebrities: http://www.pureattraction.com/blog/attra…