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Nov 4, 2016 dlauri commented on Seattle High School Teacher Gets a “Teaching Moment” After Wearing Blackface.
The emphasis shouldn't be only on this teacher. He's done this for over a decade and no one in administration and no other teacher thought it was enough of a problem to do anything about it.

You can certainly argue that this teacher should have been aware of the issues his costume raises. However, it's unfair to single him out for administrative leave and corrective action. If he deserves administrative leave, so does every single administrator and teacher who saw this guy's costume more than once.
Mar 24, 2016 dlauri commented on Support the Real Progressive.
What's even more fun than these age-based endorsements is the outrage in the comments.
Mar 24, 2016 dlauri commented on Support the Real Progressive.
What's even more fun than these age-based endorsements is the outrage in the comments.
Feb 18, 2016 dlauri commented on From the Desk of Justice Antonin Scalia, Deceased.
I quite enjoyed this. And no, it didn't cross any lines. Fuck Scalia, fuck him a thousand times with David Bowie's dick!
Aug 4, 2015 dlauri commented on Are Office Temperatures Sexist?.
I wear a polo shirt and slacks to work, not a suit and tie, but if I were office dictator I'd still prefer the thermostat be set at 70.

I have office mates who don't even run their A/C at home when it's 80 (it has to be like 90 or something before they do). They'd be happy with no A/C here too.

Our compromise is 72, which is closer to my preference than theirs, but they don't want to see me shirtless, and the really cold people can shut their office doors and open their windows. We have some people in offices without windows, and most of them like the air conditioning. The one who doesn't is an older man undergoing cancer treatment, and he's cold everywhere, poor guy.
Jul 23, 2015 dlauri commented on So I Watched Rachel Maddow's Interview With Rick Santorum.
@14: If Santorum had more than a snowball's chance in hell of becoming president, then sure, questions about the economy, Iran, ISIS, or anything else would be pertinent. But he doesn't and so focusing on how Santorum got to be santorum is much more likely to garner an audience.
Jan 27, 2015 dlauri commented on This Morning's Best Long Read: Jonathan Chait On the Return of Political Correctness and the Online Swarm of Illiberal Liberals.
I think there should have been a trigger warning on this post.
Dec 5, 2014 dlauri commented on The Stranger's New City Hall Reporter Is Heidi Groover!.
Not one, not two, but three rolodexes?!

I know computers were only invented yesterday but you'd think someone might get around to actually putting the useful contact info into Outlook or Gmail contacts or something.
Mar 4, 2014 dlauri commented on The New Republic On Trigger Warnings Jumping From Blogs to College Campuses.
Over at Shakesville (a progressive feminist blog about politics, culture, social justice, cute things, and all that is in between), they put content warnings—which they used to call trigger warnings before they decided that was too triggering—on all their posts.

They have a fun post about the New Republic article at http://www.shakesville.com/2014/03/trigg… (Content Note: Narratives of oversensitivity; discussion of being triggered).
Feb 13, 2014 dlauri commented on Comcast to Acquire Time Warner Cable in $44 Billion Deal.
I've got Time Warner here in Ohio as the lesser of two evils (TWC vs ATT). If I end up with Comcast, I'll seriously consider switching to ATT's Uverse.