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Sep 1 I Got Nuthin' commented on An Open Letter From Erin Jones to The Stranger.
@5 - So you created a Slog account solely for the purpose of posting this warm endorsement of Jones? How long have you been a close friend / supporter of the candidate?
Aug 12 I Got Nuthin' commented on Seattle Will Not Get the Chance to Vote on Whether It Wants a $149 Million Police Station.
I guess Debora Juarez wants a nicer place for the next time she is booked for DUI.
Jul 26 I Got Nuthin' commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: My Loving Wife, The Dicktease.
Most long-married couples your age are having a lot less sex than that, if they're having sex at all. So that seems like a pretty good foundation on which to build, ROSIE.

Dan, I think you've been reading too many letters from desperate marrieds. Most of the long term married couples I know (and I'm one of them) are still connecting a reliable 2x a week.
Jul 14 I Got Nuthin' commented on Ansel Herz Talks to KUOW About the Former SPOG President Who Resigned Over a Controversial Facebook Post.
Why anyone remains on Twitter is beyond me - it's like an open invitation to step in dog shit.
Jul 12 I Got Nuthin' commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Stray Text Message Outs Wrong Parent.
Also, download an instant messaging app (there are many) that you exclusively use with your FWB.
Jul 6 I Got Nuthin' commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Bonus Advice From Esther Perel for "Heartbroken And Devastated".
Dan, How about supporting independent booksellers when linking to a book or author instead of the Walmart of the Web?



Jun 24 I Got Nuthin' commented on Watch Out for I-1515 Signature Gatherers.
That may be the worst use of stock imagery I've ever seen on Slog. Really necessary?
Jun 23 I Got Nuthin' commented on Mayor Involves FBI in Hunt for Source in Stranger Police Union Story.
Congratulations to The Stranger. What an asshole of a mayor we have.
Jun 21 I Got Nuthin' commented on A California Woman Is Accusing Donald Trump of Raping Her When She Was 13 Years Old.
@17, right?

We finally know who's been making all those signs at Tea Party rallies.