It's not very popular.

Jan 24, 2013 zee commented on Clinton or Warren in 2016?.
How about a Clinton/Warren ticket?
Oct 4, 2012 zee commented on A Word About Brooms.
HAHAHA the idea that a woman couldn't be sexist is hilarious! HA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahem, sorry. I'm usually not like this.
Jun 21, 2012 zee commented on City Makes Narrow Exception for One Breast-Cancer Survivor Who Had Been Banned from Swimming Topless in Pools.
One thing I don't get is that the policy is in place so that swimwear will be acceptable to "all patrons." That's just never going to happen. I mean, some people think Burkinis are too revealing and would be grossly offended by what others would consider to be a very modest, sporty one-piece suit. So clearly the only solution to keep everyone happy is only to allow biological men to swim.
Apr 16, 2012 zee commented on Eli Sanders Just Won a Pulitzer Prize for a Feature Last Year in The Stranger.
Eli, your piece was amazing. Truly deserved. Congratulations.
Feb 10, 2012 zee commented on It's Time for Oatmeal.
Soak medium cut oats overnight in a half whole milk, half water soak (with a large pinch of salt) before cooking it. It makes the oatmeal tender. Serve with jam and cream.
Jan 30, 2012 zee commented on TONIGHT!.
I don't have a telly! Any restaurants or bars showing it?
Oct 12, 2011 zee commented on Sorry Facebook, Not Even If They're Free.
@8 No support - unless you're one of the rare people who are perfectly aligned foot-to-neck, you need support, whether you're lifting, running, or zumba-ing.
Oct 12, 2011 zee commented on Sorry Facebook, Not Even If They're Free.
I'm in physical therapy for a knee injury, and tons of clients I see there are there for injuries related to running in these stupid shoes. They're ugly and they cause injuries if you're not a toe-runner (a verrrrrry small portion of the population).
Oct 3, 2011 zee commented on Gay Mormon Bullied to Death—At Age 40.
My heart breaks.
Jul 8, 2011 zee commented on Hey, Give Me Back My Fucking Dog.
@35 Yes it is really illegal to keep a found animal. Animals are property legally and just because someone misplaced his property doesn't mean it belongs to anyone who finds it. "Finders keepers" only works for abandoned property.

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