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Aug 9, 2012 Aedan Robinson commented on Newsflash: British People Like Dirty Sex Better Than Harry Potter.
Okay let me ask: is it outselling the HP novels in terms of all-time sales or just current sales? Because one is very different and much more significant than the other.

If its the former then it is a testament to how the majority of our race is well below average intelligence. If its (far more likely) the latter? Do you mean to tell me some books that are years old (in fact the original Harry Potter is over a decade old at this point) aren't selling as well as an overhyped book that JUST went on sale for the first time in Brittain?! STOP THE PRESSES!

So yes- either this is depressing news or no news at all. So tell me: which is it?
Jul 14, 2012 Aedan Robinson commented on Homo Thugs, Episode One.
@tiffany fantastic link. Phenomenal video. Completely different story/message/humor. Doesn't really compare to this at all.

In response to this posting? Thought it was pretty adorable.
Jul 13, 2012 Aedan Robinson commented on Mitt Romney Demands an Apology from President Obama.
@13 actually it is in Obama's best interest currently to point it out and not prosecute. Let people do the research and allow the truth to unveil itself. To actually go ahead and prosecute would be easily spun by the right as an abuse of executive power against his political rival.
Jul 1, 2012 Aedan Robinson commented on Ted: Like a More Ribald ALF.
Honestly? I think you could attribute "abject laziness" to Seth McFarlane's work in Gamily Guy past season 4- but there is a lot of really great material in American Dad. And though even that show can spiral off into lame random joke tangents that stall/flatline the episode progression- for the most part it does a great job focusing its humor on the story and not random cutscenes or movie re-enactments.

Credit where credit is due: not all of his work may be good, but Seth McFarlane is a talented guy who does have the capacity to create entertaining and even sometimes poignant humorous stories.
Feb 23, 2012 Aedan Robinson commented on New Gorillaz Song: "DoYaThing" (Featuring James Murphy & Andre 3000).
I liked it. Also I agree with the sentiment at the end- I want another Outkast album!!!!!
Feb 14, 2012 Aedan Robinson commented on Dear Huffington Post....
Hear hear.
Feb 9, 2012 Aedan Robinson commented on Concessions 90210.
The one good thing to ever come from the Star Wars Prequels: the Plinkett Reviews. Wonderfully entertaining, informative, and fun to watch. Literally everything the actual movies were not.
Feb 9, 2012 Aedan Robinson commented on United Banks of America.
Sigh. I've pretty much come to conclusion since 2008 that the only way we're going to stop this from happening all over again, over and over, is something that I doubt will happen: either a country-wide mass-run on the big banks or simply a revolution.

Neither are likely and would create their own problems but both sound more appealing than the dung we are seeing sold as "government regulation." BOTH parties are in the pockets of this industry- so this outcome is as surprising as another anti-gay hate speech from Frothy Rick.
Jan 31, 2012 Aedan Robinson commented on I'm So Tired of Waking Up on Monday Mornings and Punching My Radio In the Face.
@20 except that's a disingenuous comparison. Planned Parenthood is doing everything by the book. They are following every restriction and law put in place by the government that the government CAN put in place without violating its own rules and regulations. Planned Parenthood doesn't spend a SINGLE CENT of government funds on abortion services. Every abortion service they provide is independently funded by non-government donors. And the government CANNOT deny PP that funding just for providing those services- it would go against Roe v Wade. As long as PP continues as it has been the conservative machine should NOT be allowed to touch their funding. Period.

In the case of these Christian Organizations they are going against the rules put forth for this funding by denying a basic, necessary service. Planned Parenthood does not deny any service. One is denying services, the other is providing more than the necessary services require (with non-government funds). The difference is massive by a legal standpoint.

There are rules against public funding of abortion- thus PP does not use its public funds for this purpose. But it is also against the rules to DENY the access or to not allow the distribution of contraception by those who receive public funds. Under these rules, treated the EXACT same way PP retains their funding and these religious organizations are shit out of luck. As it should be.
Jan 12, 2012 Aedan Robinson commented on Santorum Says Romney Is "a Paler Shade of What We Have".
@6 how, exactly, could that rub them any less the wrong way than being asked to support a mormon?