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May 19 happy renter commented on I Stopped by the Costume Shop Where Macklemore Says He Got That Costume, and That Is Not a Witch Nose.
Where was the outrage when Humpty Hump wore the same nose in the Humpty Dance?!?!
May 19 happy renter commented on I Stopped by the Costume Shop Where Macklemore Says He Got That Costume, and That Is Not a Witch Nose.
Oh fuck, here we go. Everyone grab a second pitchfork and sharpen it up for Display and Costume!
Apr 28 happy renter commented on Transit Advocates Have Filed Their Initiative to Save Seattle's Bus Service.
@15: you're crazy if you think property taxes aren't factored into rent prices. *All of us* will be the ones paying for it.
Apr 21 happy renter commented on A Few More Thoughts on That Business-Backed Poll and the $15 Movement.
I'm pretty sure I was called for this survey. There was also a Proposal B and a Proposal C. One phased in the increase over a period of a few years, and I think the other included a tip credit.

They also asked about a few specific options such as exempting small & non-profit businesses and the tip credit thing, and whether that would make me more or less likely to support a proposal.
Feb 18 happy renter commented on Guess What, Same-Sex Domestic Partners in Washington? You're Gonna Be Married, Like It or Not.
The alternative, auto-dissolving domestic partnerships, would leave some couples without legal protections if they happened to be living under a rock and didn't know that domestic partnerships were going away. It seems to me that auto-converting to marriage errs on the side of preserving legal protections for couples, which was the primary argument for domestic partnerships in the first place.
Dec 4, 2013 happy renter commented on US Representative Duncan Hunter Is a Monster.
oh god, won't SOMEONE think of the children?!
Nov 14, 2013 happy renter commented on Where Should I Buy a New Mattress?.
I have a memoryfoam mattress from costco, the 'novaform' brand I think. I paid something like $800 for it 5 years ago. I tested it out briefly at the costco home store (is that still around?) and they offer deals for them in their little coupon books all the time. It's been a great mattress- no complaints at all. Delivery is really easy for memoryfoam mattresses too-- they just fedex it to you in a big box and it expands into its normal shape over the course of a few hours.
Sep 29, 2013 happy renter commented on Rachel's Ginger Beer Forever.
It's good, but it's just not gingery enough for me.

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