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  • Pot or Coke
  • What helps you sleep?: Mudede's philosophy posts and valerian.
  • What song do you want played at your funeral?: Face Down Ass Up by 2 Live Crew

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Aug 7 Jessica commented on Are You Drinking Prosecco?.
I continue to be ride-or-die for cava. Sorry, Italy.
Jul 16 Jessica commented on Amazon Wants to Launch a Netflix-Like Subscription Service for Books.
Regarding the SPL ebooks:
-There are no fines-- when your three-week lending period is up, it automatically disappears from your library account. If you want to keep reading it, turn your Kindle's wifi off, and it won't disappear off of there until you turn it back on.
-SPL is spending a LOT of money on ebooks this year, I want to say well into six figures, because we're the most ebook-loving library system in the country (or close to it).

If you can't read or don't like to read but do want to ingest material, SPL also has downloadable audiobooks that you can listen to via the Overdrive app.

Oyster was supposed to be the next hot-shit ebook service, but it didn't have the newest best-sellers available. Yeah, I'm hold #105 of 804 holds on 165 ebook copies of The Goldfinch, but that's still closer to reading it than if I'm trying to get it through Oyster, which doesn't have it at all. Oyster's titles are consistently about a year behind the times, so you can either pay to read Beautiful Ruins through Oyster or just get it for free via SPL.

If Amazon sets up an ebook service where people can read the current bestsellers, I'll worry. Until then, library ebooks seem to be a better choice, as they're both free and come with many locations staffed with people trainied to use and troubleshoot the Overdrive program.
Jul 9 Jessica commented on Why It's Worth Paying More for Legal Pot.
I'm perfectly happy to not buy weed from the same source as any dipshit wearing pot-leaf pants that's accompanied by the iconic "pit bull on a rope". It's the same reason I don't go to Hempfest. We're both fans of the same end goal (legal marijuana), but we come at it from drastically different places. My place doesn't have pot-leaf pants.
Jun 24 Jessica commented on What Is the MOST You've Paid for a Record?.
Jesus, the most I ever spent was $50 on the German import CD of the Last Unicorn soundtrack. And I worked in a record store for years.
May 17 Jessica commented on Must Be in the Air Here: The Songs I Listen To When I Miss Seattle.
No United State of Electronica "Emerald City" or "Vamos A La Playa"? For shame, Megan. FOR SHAME.

(Also: Robyn Hitchcock's "Viva Seatac",…, and I have a weird soft spot for MxPx's "Move to Bremerton" despite it not being about Seattle.)
Apr 29 Jessica commented on Little Feat Is Stanky: Slog Poll.
The correct answer to this is always "go ask your dad and then sit down for the 30 minute lecture on the missed genius of Little Feat."
Apr 18 Jessica commented on Punished for the Crime of Being Female on the Internet.
@12: gentle reminder from the other 50% of our species that the correct nomenclature for an adult female of the human race is "woman". Referring to women as "females" is the biggest red flag I (and every other woman I know) pick up on in a dialog, often signaling a readiness to discount our contributions because of our chosen gender.
Mar 20 Jessica commented on "Wow, My First Tweet Was Fucking Stupid".
"Waiting for Mo to take us to Seward Park, just finished a bottle of wine between us." at 12:25pm on a weekend in 2008. Ah, the halcyon days of Original Monique and the old Slog crowd and the joys of day-drinking before we were parents.
Mar 18 Jessica commented on Helicopter Crashed Near Space Needle!.
It's across the street from Fisher Plaza, where KOMO is.


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