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Aug 19 UberAlles commented on Who's Leading Jill Stein In Texas Polls? Deez Nuts..
#1's correct here...

This weird, sad pile-on from the professional & still-aspires-to-one-day-join-the professional classes says so much.
Aug 13 UberAlles commented on KPLU Has New Call Letters.
Spelling it out for us what it looks like - mm that's good writing
May 31 UberAlles commented on Tacoma Wants a Tech Boom of Its Own.
& the march of neoliberal progress continues...
May 27 UberAlles commented on As 23rd Ave. Construction Drags On, First Cup Coffee Closes Its Doors.
The sorts of people that are raking in money from the people that have moved here en masse & have raised rents 11% in one month alone believe this is an unfortunate byproduct of progress.
May 10 UberAlles commented on Um, Budweiser Is Changing Its Name to "America" This Summer.
Cool native ad, Frizzelle.
Apr 1 UberAlles commented on Linda Derschang Is Opening a New Bar Tonight.
What a convoluted bit of native advertising. As if Linda catering to to a low denominator were too absurd to be taken seriously.
Mar 23 UberAlles commented on Hillary's Selfie Game Is So Strong.
Haha what a turd of an article