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12:57 PM Cracker Jack commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Forgiveness and Ashley Madison's Innocent Victims.
So she was one of the statistically insignificant number of actual women who used the site. That makes for a convenient narrative.
Aug 5 Cracker Jack commented on Look! Ted Cruz Is So Masculine and Strong He Fries Pig Strips on a Machine Gun! What?.
@4: Maybe this is the GOP long game. They'll appeal to 12 year old kids in the hopes that they'll be inculcated to vote Republican when they hit 18!

Jun 16 Cracker Jack commented on Jeb Bush Translation: I Will Double the Tax Rate of Richest Americans.
A unicorn in every pot! Yay, GOP Magical Thinking!
Jun 12 Cracker Jack commented on John Criscitello's New NSFW Paintings Are So Dirty and Penis-Filled I Can't Show Them Above the Jump.
@4: gays and artists may not have directly displaced anyone, but they certainly were the catalyst, as they always are in "bad" neighborhoods. They clean it up, make it trendy and before you know it the vanilla masses swarm in and displace the traditional residents along with the gays and artists. Next: see Detroit.
Jun 12 Cracker Jack commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Cyclist Gives Road Etiquette Lesson to Driver, Gets Raged on In Return.
I see Mr. Berry has learned how to ensure a healthy dose of comments on his SLOG posts. Any time he needs to validate his position, just draw a bike vs. car cartoon. It's red meat for SLOGgers!
Jun 9 Cracker Jack commented on White Teens in McKinney Seem to be More Sensitive to Race Than White Parents.
Young people traditionally have a common enemy in adults/the man/the establishment, so they tend to accept each other pretty freely. Once they grow up, they'll need a new scape goat for their anxiety and their short comings and race will be there waiting with open arms.

God I'm cynical today...
Mar 19 Cracker Jack commented on Mayor Ed Murray Wants to Ban Smoking in Parks, and the City Says There's Nothing Unfair About That.
NYC has this. It is wonderful! You want to pollute the air with noxious, carcinogenic smoke? Do it in your home.
Mar 16 Cracker Jack commented on Four Places You Can Get Delicious Fish 'n' Chips for Less Than $10.
One of the things I truly, TRULY miss about my hometown is Spuds. Their breading is just wonderful -- I've never had anything like it anywhere else.

Love you & miss you, Spuds!
Mar 4 Cracker Jack commented on Supreme Court Hears Arguments About Gutting Obamacare.
@5: Exactly. The GOP doesn't care about people, they care about people discovering that they are sociopaths and losing their power again.
Mar 4 Cracker Jack commented on Ben Carson: Being Gay Is a Choice and Prison Proves It.
@5: Your reduction of the 9/11 attacks to a choice of "them evil Islamz did it!" or it was a false flag inside job kind of proves Truther nuttiness. The fact that radicalized Islamic terrorists hi-jacked planes and flew them into buildings does not equate "Islam is evil". And the "science" you purport to believe is ginned up to prove what you want to be true (hence "Truther").

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